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dits has managed to establish a career as a trustworthy DJ delivering an impeccable performance at every event

dits is performing within the field of House music and is ranked 2516 on the official DJ rankings list (www.djrankings.org).

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dj dits 1 hour ago:
What a bitter truth , https://t.co/jkFZ1W74Ws
dj dits 2 days ago:
People were badging themselves with pray for syria who dont even care for you , your own country men has been kille… https://t.co/xLlVBuQJqU
dj dits 2 days ago:
Unless we destroy the enemy with in we can never kill the opposition,, thats what about india , Rip our brave soldiers we will avenge
dj dits 3 days ago:
Happy valentines day to those who are taken , almost taken , taken for granted , waiting to be taken, assumed to be… https://t.co/HCZKnrE15N
dj dits 4 days ago:
I had taken an oath in 2019 that i wont post anything about anyone but sorry durgapur cocktail should be reported f… https://t.co/fvcVtBGXTQ
dj dits 4 days ago:
Valentine to nahi mila , koi ek bottle ballentine hi de do ...
dj dits 6 days ago:
Today is what we call promise day Lots of lies will be spoken and our next generation will perhaps call it World DHOP DIBOS
dj dits 1 week ago:
Aap aur apka paribar ko basant panchami aur saraswati puja ka hardik subhkamnaye ... stay blessed
dj dits 1 week ago:
I heard that PPL is charging even if u sing in bathroom and play is school teachers day as a child .... where r u h… https://t.co/S3vGGxX6nw
dj dits 1 week ago:
Amitabh bacchan from Mohabbatein must be the founder of bajrang dal , he was badly against love and lovers ..
dj dits 1 week ago:
Ashiqon ka Navratri aaj se suru ...
dj dits 2 weeks ago:
জগদীশ চন্দ্র বোস নাকি 14th February ঝোপের নড়াচড়া দেখে প্রথম বুঝেছিলেন, গাছেরও প্রাণ আছে !!
dj dits 2 weeks ago:
Its been like a month and five days i was really not active anywhere , just went through a storm and now settling d… https://t.co/CVz3mcZMWx
dj dits 2 weeks ago:
Kaal akta jinis janlam je CBI o arrest hote pare , ebar to ami National level er crime korte chai...
dj dits 2 weeks ago:
Wow this is special , something really special https://t.co/l4JGnze0F1
dj dits 2 weeks ago:
Performing tonight for a Major of our Indian Army,, feeling excited and privilaged too... — at Fort William, India https://t.co/rx4YDyI5vw
dj dits 2 weeks ago:
The Ghosh Paribar brother and sisters with the groom...
dj dits 2 weeks ago:
Boudi ra ar bon ,,, bari te ele amar theke shanto chele keu nei ...
dj dits 2 weeks ago:
My own sister’s marriage ,, and nothing can be so special as this ,,, met my first teacher ever who taught me to wr… https://t.co/MRsNTB6Ce6
dj dits 3 weeks ago:
Let me tell u a story about the life of an artist and yes a dj ... A boy was in love with a girl long ago he did… https://t.co/Od5YozYhWu

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