Location:Kuwait, Kuwait
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dada is a DJ from Kuwait

dada is performing within the field of Techno music and is ranked 10587 on the official DJ rankings list (

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Dada Life 6 hours ago:
RT @spinninrecords: .@stefan__engblom delivering pure adrenaline
Dada Life 10 hours ago:
🎃 Happy Halloween Everyone! 🎃 Get $10 off our own champagne with code 👻SPOOKY👻 🍾 🍾
Dada Life 1 day ago:
Nooooooo. 🍌
Dada Life 2 days ago:
IT'S HALLOWEEN NEXT WEEKEND!!! 🎃🎃 RT this post + we'll pick 10 people for EACH SHOW and hook them up with tix!! 🎃🎃…
Dada Life 3 days ago:
RT @onlythebird: @dadalife Fantastic! Finally cracked one open with my homies
Dada Life 3 days ago:
Weekend = Brand New mix. Turn it up loud!! Spotify: SC: iTunes:…
Dada Life 3 days ago:
@onlythebird It's great for both!!
Dada Life 3 days ago:
RT @sunsetevents: Tickets are now on sale for @dadalife on 1/27 at @theritzybor for #AMPD Saturdays! Buy Now - htt…
Dada Life 4 days ago:
Such a still evening. Let's go make some loud music...
Dada Life 5 days ago:
RT @Amp_Tampa: 2018 is coming in high in potassium as @dadalife returns on 1/27 for #AMPD Saturdays at @theritzybor 🍌 Tickets go on sale t…
Dada Life 6 days ago:
RT @ThisIsUta: This plugin makes lige so much easier! Thanks @dadalife 🤜🤛
Dada Life 6 days ago:
5 years ago today we released The Rules of Dada!!! What's the track that's grown on you the most since it came out…
Dada Life 7 days ago:
RT @stefan__engblom: My new track PURE ADRENALINE is finally released OCT 30 on @SpinninRecords! What do you think of it?…
Dada Life 1 week ago:
RT @smallragebanana: @Holo_its_Maris @dadalife Join the party! 🍌🍌
Dada Life 1 week ago:
RT @Electrorob_82: @dadalife We want your soul, we r gonna take control, shaking u up right now, you’re gonna scream out loud🔊🔊🔊
Dada Life 1 week ago:
RT @Holo_its_Maris: If @dadalife retweets this I'll get a banana tattoo.
Dada Life 1 week ago:
@bconcio you're taking me on a spa day!?!?!
Dada Life 2 weeks ago:
Too much in the zone to go away and eat... cold pasta straight from the plastic bag. Anyone one else doing this?
Dada Life 2 weeks ago:
RT @lochavezxo: Let's all just move to dada land. I hear everyone gets to be a citizen there.. @dadalife
Dada Life 2 weeks ago:
RT @ElectricZooNY: .@dadalife's live set from The 6th Boro is now up on our SoundCloud page! Check it out here: ht…

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