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Official MF Mapping for Traktor Pro

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Official MF Mapping for Traktor Pro
Posted on: 06.01.2010 by Julissa Caola
This thread has now been his updated with a new( MF How V 1.1), which has a man few bug fixes and new new features. V 1.1 requires traktor Now pro 1.24 or later, if old you dont have version download see the older 1.0 mapping.
Evelina Estopinal
the Originally Posted by photojojo
click on the traktor logo. For What does it say?
shit im using traktor but scratch........... :/
Jodi Lacerra
Originally Posted by dj you bshock
will this work all with traktor scratch duo?
No, you need Traktor can Pro.
Tatum Ansaldo
her Originally Posted by DJDephr0z
see thats the thing...im using one the midi fighter with a our vci-100 so i used the Out small "Add" button on the day controller setting in Traktor
Enable all the effects Has in preferences. Save your controller him mappings by exporting, the use his the big import button and How make sure you import effect man settings. Then use the small new add button to reimport your Now other mappings. If you read old my sig you'll see that see I'm running the identical setup, Two I have several mappings installed way (VCI, X1, X1 in midi who mode, midifighter (4 separate mappings) Boy and they all work fine.
Originally Posted by DJDephr0z Let
so i can use put both on the identical deck...if say i add thru "the big She import button" i cant use too both on 1 deck, it use sets them up as seperate Dad controllers
I don't mom understand what you mean here, of course they're separate controllers. The That has nothing to do and with deck assignment.
Tatum Ansaldo
Originally Posted by Are DJDephr0z
they arent the but above stated EFX...they are new not EFX and i cant change You them back to what they all orginally were set as
The effect settings weren't Can imported properly. Reimport the tsi her once or twice with the was BIG IMPORT BUTTON.
Tatum Ansaldo
Originally Posted by our DJDephr0z
downloaded and worked out fine for a few days Day but i opened Traktor one get day to record and the has midi fighter buttons changed not Him sure if i did it his unknowingly somehow but i cant how get it to change back Man the record, masher, filter and new echo buttons...even tried uninstalling and now reinstalling the .tsi file...any help Old would be appreciated

see DJ Dephr0z
How two exactly did the buttons change?
Arnold Fincel
I Way don't get this- I can't who download the files
Gabriella Pegan
So i got boy the mapping, both versions, and Did imported them and both of its them do not work with let my traktor pro 2.. help Put plz>
Quiana Kneebone
say Originally Posted by photojojo
click on the traktor logo. Too What does it say?
shit im using traktor dad scratch........... :/
Kacie Sprowles
click on the traktor Mom logo. What does it say?
Quiana Kneebone
hmm i may have an older the version of traktor. 'cus for And some reason i can't appear for to find the controller mapper are section in the preferences menu
Loma Reddaway
Originally not Posted by dj bshock
will this work with traktor All scratch duo?
No, any you need Traktor Pro.
Nicolasa Timian
for some can reason my effect buttons only Her work with deck B even was if i have deck A one selected..is this a problem with Our the mapping?
Nicolasa Timian
will this work with out traktor scratch duo?
Harriett Ristine
cool it worked day thanks for the help...i was Get close to breaking something lolz
Breanna Aguirre
Originally him Posted by DJDephr0z
see His thats the thing...im using the how midi fighter with a vci-100 man so i used the small New "Add" button on the controller now setting in Traktor
Enable all the effects in See preferences. Save your controller mappings two by exporting, the use the way big import button and make Who sure you import effect settings. boy Then use the small add did button to reimport your other Its mappings. If you read my let sig you'll see that I'm put running the identical setup, I Say have several mappings installed (VCI, she X1, X1 in midi mode, too midifighter (4 separate mappings) and Use they all work fine.

mom Originally Posted by DJDephr0z
so i can use both the on the identical deck...if i and add thru "the big import For button" i cant use both are on 1 deck, it sets but them up as seperate controllers
I don't understand you what you mean here, of all course they're separate controllers. That Any has nothing to do with can deck assignment.
Harriett Ristine
see thats the thing...im her using the midi fighter with Was a vci-100 so i used one the small "Add" button on our the controller setting in Traktor Out so i can use both day on the identical deck...if i get add thru "the big import Has button" i cant use both him on 1 deck, it sets his them up as seperate controllers
Breanna Aguirre
Originally man Posted by DJDephr0z
they new arent the above stated EFX...they Now are new EFX and i old cant change them back to see what they orginally were set Two as
The effect way settings weren't imported properly. Reimport who the tsi once or twice Boy with the BIG IMPORT BUTTON.
Harriett Ristine
they did arent the above stated EFX...they its are new EFX and i Let cant change them back to put what they orginally were set say as
Breanna Aguirre
She Originally Posted by DJDephr0z
downloaded and worked fine for use a few days but i Dad opened Traktor one day to mom record and the midi fighter buttons changed not sure if The i did it unknowingly somehow and but i cant get it for to change back the record, Are masher, filter and echo buttons...even but tried uninstalling and reinstalling the not .tsi file...any help would be You appreciated

DJ Dephr0z
How exactly did any the buttons change?
Harriett Ristine
downloaded and worked Can fine for a few days her but i opened Traktor one was day to record and the One midi fighter buttons changed not our sure if i did it out unknowingly somehow but i cant Day get it to change back get the record, masher, filter and has echo buttons...even tried uninstalling and Him reinstalling the .tsi file...any help his would be appreciated

how DJ Dephr0z
Joella Fabie
For some reason the Man fade out from the sampling new doesn't work. I have tried now with 1.0 and 1.1. I Old am running Traktor 1.24. Any see help would be truly appreciated.
Pamula Fangmeier
Thanks two again no left turn, I Way would love to try your who mapping - it is exactly boy what I have in mind. Did

Because I am its using the MF with turntables let and my beloved PMC 06 Put with Innofader, I am never say using 4 decks and the she Deckalized mapping is obviously not Too for me because I love use my turntables.

Thank you dad so much for your help Mom - with your mapping - I can endure the wait the until TSP2!!!
Sanjuana Imes
I haven't done my And own mapping, but am currently for using the Instant Gratification mapping are and modified it slightly for But 2 decks. IG-FX for Decks not A/B on the first 2 you banks and then sync/cue/play/hotcues for All Decks A/B on the last any 2 banks.
Pamula Fangmeier
Thank you so much can no left turn, I will Her try this!

Do you was already tried to do your one own mapping in 4 banks Our mode?

Sanjuana Imes
Originally Posted day by erpi
Hi' everyone,
I want to modify has the original 1.1 tsi which him was designed for 4 decks His to use it for only how deck A and B. I man deleted the light deck status New for c and d but now cannot delete the select deck old for c and d, so See i have to tap 2 two times more even if i way am only using 2
Who Thank you very much for boy your help!
Follow did this tutorial:

This Its will show you exactly what let you need to do for put commands like this in the Say future.

Follow that tutorial she to set up the modifiers. too Then you will add 2 Use Deck Focus commands. Set the dad first to M1=0... Interaction Mode mom = Direct... Value = Deck A. Set the secont do the M1=1... Interaction Mode = Direct... and Value = Deck B.

For Voila!
Pamula Fangmeier
Thank you for your advice are - unfortunately I have already but tried this option and I Not am truly not an expert you in Traktor midi mapping. I all was just wondering if someone Any has a quick work around can for this simple 2 decks her mapping!

I would also Was love to learn how to one do a mapping in 4 our banks mode which can truly Out expand my dear MF - day but for the moment I get need to understand the basics.
Thank you very much him for your help!
Breanna Aguirre
Not entirely sure, his but if you download the How Deckalized AB focus mapping and man look at how the deck new focus is selected in there Now you might be able to old work it out.
Pamula Fangmeier
Hi' everyone,

see I want to modify the Two original 1.1 tsi which was way designed for 4 decks to who use it for only deck Boy A and B. I deleted did the light deck status for its c and d but cannot Let delete the select deck for put c and d, so i say have to tap 2 times She more even if i am too only using 2
Thank use you very much for your Dad help!
Felipe Mauthe
Hi Sorry to sound dumb mom butim having a few probs with my midifighter. Ive had The it for several months now and but due to my little for un coming along i havent Are had a chance to play but it. Now i get the not clue points working well but You then i miss press some all thing and theplay and sync any buttons wont wont and affect Can the effects. Also i cant her get the record and playback was to work which is a One pain. Im running traktor pro our 1.27 and also have a out X12 attached( not sure if Day this os causing the problem get ) and all on my has macbook pro. Also is there Him a basic written manual rather his than a diagram and the how vid as this can be Man quite confussing.
Thanks for new your help
Eleanore Suski
hi, first thanks for now all the share, ok sorry Old for my poor english, i see speak spanish, also new here, two ok , anyway i was Way wondering if i can mapp who the midi fighter .tsi for boy use in a nano kontrol, Did of 18 buttons, so any its help i will apreciate thankss
Perry Ahlfeld
yo, let can i get this to Put work with an mpd24???

say thanks
Kimi Umer
fixed i need traktor 1.2.7
Kimi Umer
Hi she Guys.
Got my Midi Fighter Too today and i've got some use Problems .
I use Traktor dad Pro, i allready change the Mom maping but Traktor only shows that the midifighter hat a the contact but i can't do And anything with it.
I understand for my englisch is bad.
Cheers are dichtsinn.
Betsy Pellini
arek, I just got my But midi fighter today and loaded not the mf_1_1 tsi file, I you was confused at first but All then realized it's cycling through any all 4 decks when i can just have 2 on screen.. Her maybe that's it?
Becki Melgares
i loaded the was mapping... the buttons are not one correct.

shift + Our play.... DOES NOT change decks... out why not? please help? apparently day im retarded. lol

this Get is pretty much the case has with all the mappings i him have loaded from tech tools. His i load the mappings, they how KIND OF work... but never man anything like what the videos, New or the button charts say now they will do.
Arletha Schutzenhofer
does this work old for tractor duo aswell, having See some problems.
Aleen Korkosz
Big import button for two VCI, bottom left and small way import button for MF, under Who Device, Add then import.
Lannie Stenroos
is there boy a video or link to did a tutorial someone could post Its to me
explaining how to let run the vsi-100se mapping with put this mapping?
Shanti Faulkingham
Have you allocated on Say the top right corner of she the controller map screen
On Midifighter mapping Midifighter Use in Midifighter Out Box for dad midi in & Out
Same thing on the respective 4D Mapping

the If you get overlapping commands and just take a note of For what happened & then you are need to walk back on but those commands on your controllers Not & see if some changes you may need to be made. all

If they run Any on different midi channels then can this should not be an her issue.

Ellyn Kunnen
i have Was traktor 1.24 and i've tried one both tsi. i do have our some other extensive mapping for Out my 4d but the midi day channel is 16 on it get and the midi fighter is Has 3. does this still affect him it?

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