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    Location:Bergen, Norway
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royksopp is a well known DJ with a loyal fan base

royksopp is performing within the field of Electronica music and is ranked 101 on the official DJ rankings list (www.djrankings.org).

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Röyksopp 7 days ago:
@kcrw The song is a 13 min soundtrack meant to reflect the state between being awake and being asleep – the state w… https://t.co/jYUbmmWSGT
Röyksopp 7 days ago:
Aficionados will know that we originally posted Shores Of Easy back in 2011, and perhaps will also remember that we… https://t.co/qSzeq9VHVK
Röyksopp 4 weeks ago:
Röyksopp will DJ the Tokyo Countdown 2020 this New Year's Eve. Info and tickets - https://t.co/xLW2SIc4a9… https://t.co/wBq7lH1QG2
Röyksopp 1 month ago:
But in 2012 we revisited the track once again - but this time with Susanne Sundfør on the mic. The track was featur… https://t.co/K9WQH9Js0a
Röyksopp 1 month ago:
Back in the late eighties, before we (that’s S & T) dared to write our own music, we made cover versions of the son… https://t.co/zM5vUOzspb
Röyksopp 1 month ago:
Röyksopp will play a DJ Set at @BIMEnet Festival in Bilbao on November 1st. https://t.co/S36aUz8JCN https://t.co/9maqG206Q7
Röyksopp 2 months ago:
We pieced 'I Just Don't Understand You' together in the early summer of 2008. It was a late night/ early morning. V… https://t.co/Wwa91Wy91S
Röyksopp 3 months ago:
Ljubljana- we're DJing at #FUKsi festival this weekend. See you Saturday! https://t.co/esnTvECE4z
Röyksopp 3 months ago:
Something special for the weekend? Then check out the track “To minutter” we made with Norwegian rap legend… https://t.co/aAnHm4o2L0
Röyksopp 4 months ago:
"Rescue" saw it's beginning in 2012. The track was left in a drawer until rediscovered - and finally completed, som… https://t.co/q7T397waLS
Röyksopp 5 months ago:
We had a great time playing at the Bolivar Beach Bar at the weekend - thank you Athens! https://t.co/xMKRXMKwxX
Röyksopp 5 months ago:
'I Wanna Know' was made sometime in 2007. Vocals are provided by us & the wonderful @annelidrecker. Svein did the l… https://t.co/2WAW1ybxuf
Röyksopp 5 months ago:
Rising Urge was made in Autumn 2014. This track (in an abridged version) was actually a hidden track on "The Inevit… https://t.co/yTTvSy76mc
Röyksopp 5 months ago:
Röyksopp in action! Next up: @BolivarBeachBar in Athens on the 29th June. Photographer: Georgi Nikolov. Tickets:… https://t.co/gDQqm1UExn
Röyksopp 6 months ago:
'Across The Graveyard' was recorded in 2007. Vocals sung by Svein Berge & @annelidrecker, outro-strings performed b… https://t.co/NLZ6QvmKZp
Röyksopp 6 months ago:
Röyksopp will play a DJ set at the @BolivarBeachBar in Athens on the 29th June, tickets are available here:… https://t.co/ir8Ww2vwOR
Röyksopp 7 months ago:
‘Church’ is a lost balearic banger that was recorded 6 years ago as part of ‘The Inevitable End’ album sessions and… https://t.co/0ce3qeeJUt
Röyksopp 8 months ago:
'In The End’, originally written in 2014, features vocalists @susannesundfor and @mwc_music and is the third track… https://t.co/Hf4Ck3ejVX
Röyksopp 9 months ago:
We’ve created a playlist called «Lost Tapes». An abundance of rare B-sides, exclusives - & even some previously unr… https://t.co/zZWD86KUcp
Röyksopp 9 months ago:
«Signs of life»

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