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Röyksopp 5 days ago:
We pieced 'I Just Don't Understand You' together in the early summer of 2008. It was a late night/ early morning. V…
Röyksopp 3 weeks ago:
Ljubljana- we're DJing at #FUKsi festival this weekend. See you Saturday!
Röyksopp 4 weeks ago:
Something special for the weekend? Then check out the track “To minutter” we made with Norwegian rap legend…
Röyksopp 2 months ago:
"Rescue" saw it's beginning in 2012. The track was left in a drawer until rediscovered - and finally completed, som…
Röyksopp 2 months ago:
We had a great time playing at the Bolivar Beach Bar at the weekend - thank you Athens!
Röyksopp 3 months ago:
'I Wanna Know' was made sometime in 2007. Vocals are provided by us & the wonderful @annelidrecker. Svein did the l…
Röyksopp 3 months ago:
Rising Urge was made in Autumn 2014. This track (in an abridged version) was actually a hidden track on "The Inevit…
Röyksopp 3 months ago:
Röyksopp in action! Next up: @BolivarBeachBar in Athens on the 29th June. Photographer: Georgi Nikolov. Tickets:…
Röyksopp 3 months ago:
'Across The Graveyard' was recorded in 2007. Vocals sung by Svein Berge & @annelidrecker, outro-strings performed b…
Röyksopp 4 months ago:
Röyksopp will play a DJ set at the @BolivarBeachBar in Athens on the 29th June, tickets are available here:…
Röyksopp 5 months ago:
‘Church’ is a lost balearic banger that was recorded 6 years ago as part of ‘The Inevitable End’ album sessions and…
Röyksopp 6 months ago:
'In The End’, originally written in 2014, features vocalists @susannesundfor and @mwc_music and is the third track…
Röyksopp 7 months ago:
We’ve created a playlist called «Lost Tapes». An abundance of rare B-sides, exclusives - & even some previously unr…
Röyksopp 7 months ago:
«Signs of life»
Röyksopp 7 months ago:
Röyksopp will be playing a DJ set on the 8th of June at Terminalen Byscene, hosted by Ålesund Live. Tickets are ava…
Röyksopp 9 months ago:
Senior, the album, is the "introverted, dwelling and sometimes graceful counterpart to Junior" and has been re-pres…
Röyksopp 11 months ago:
2018 marks 20th anniversary of Röyksopp; they invite you to a «mini-festival of alter-egos» on 1st December @ Berge…
Röyksopp 1 year ago:
On the 14th of September, Röyksopp will be sitting down with old friend professor Ole J. Mjøs to talk about the duo…
Röyksopp 2 years ago:
Röyksopp will DJ at Soundeat's opening party at Barcelona's Parc Del Forum on Saturday.
Röyksopp 2 years ago:
Röyksopp at Egg London tomorrow

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