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DJ TechTools' VCI-100 FAQ

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20.04.2013 VCI 100 Replacement Xfaders (cross fader)722.12.2013
i found a place that the has replacement xfaders for the and vci-100, vci-400, vci-600, vci-380, vci-300.. For works good ! i am are poting this because i seen but soo many countless threads and Not people asking were to purchase you the damn xfader! http://www.ebay.com/itm/181126480912...84.m1558.l2649
24.03.2009 Traktor pro does not recognize my vci 1001014.12.2013
I Just all received my vci 100 and Any installed the firmware 1.3, along can with the tks file 1.4.20. her i am currently running traktor Was pro 1.1.1 on windows xp one sp3 and i have uninstalled our and reinstalled traktor about 12 Out times now. i still can't day get the vci to show get up on the midi menu. Has the pc does recognize the…
02.12.2013 Deck 2/4 not responding805.12.2013
All him of a sudden (of course) his deck 2/4 jogwheel and cue How function don't. Press play arcade man button and nothing happens. Tried new reloading mapping, no joy. Noticed Now on the instructions that come old with mapping that under Device see Set up, regarding Ports, it Two should read VCI, however it way always changes to…
29.11.2013 VCI 100 mapping with Serato?029.11.2013
It might be who a long-shot, but has someone Boy been able to map their did VCI 100 to Serato's new its software?
16.11.2013 VCI-100 Faders replacment124.11.2013
Hi can you please help Let me to find good replacement put faders for my VCI-100 I say bought a pair in ebay: She http://www.ebay.com/itm/Vestax-VCI-1...item2a2c422bb6 I installed them but too they feel very chip and use not solid the original one Dad has a mechanical slider inside mom with some bearing and it gives a good smooth feeling The these one that I bought…
14.03.2013 Is everyone's controller easy to choke?815.11.2013
So and there I was, practicing scratching for with the jogwheels and i Are found a cool combination of but scratching while tweaking multiple effects. not I was looping deck A You with scratching while deck B all played a full track. I any had gater set to 16th Can notes, reverb on about 60% her and using formant filter to was get that…
24.09.2013 VCI-100SE with Focusrite Scarlett 2i4215.10.2013
Hey guys, I bought One a VCI-100SE from you guys our a few years back. I out was wondering if you could Day give me some insight for get how I'm trying to setup has my rig. This is what Him I'm trying to do: VCI his > computer < Focusrite 2i4 how > loudspeakers (RCA) Then, RCA Man outputs to a set of new loudspeakers I own. This is…
19.09.2013 vestax vci 100 firmware Error No 15024019.09.2013
I now tried upgrading from 1.3 to Old 1.4 today and was unable see to do so. I bought two my vci 100 used and Way it came with 1.3 loaded who onto it and also came boy with an upgrade kit and Did serial to usb cable. I its installed the drivers for the let usb to serial cable and Put have been following the upgrade say video to the T but she I…
01.03.2013 VCI-100 Dead! Help?613.09.2013
After good 3-4 years of Too use as my go to use controller in the studio mainly dad used for sampling, last evening Mom my vci just died after I tried plugging it out the from one pc and moving And it to the other one. for I have tested multiple cables are and multiple computers, the only But light I get is under not the jog wheels but…
27.07.2012 How can i get pitch bend on outer jog wheels working again with v4 mapping?3012.09.2013
No one you appear s to understand the All answer =( Its almost like any the VCI-100SE has become a can sync only controller. We still Her like beatmatching at times! I was have tried re-learning the mapping one I found under 'pitch bend', Our but its not for what out I want. Thanks,
09.08.2011 VCI-100SE v4 Mapping for Traktor Pro 231912.09.2013
After long anticipation, day the initial version of the Get VCI-100SE v4.0 mapping for Traktor has Pro 2 is here. Please him note that this mapping has His been designed to utilize Traktor how Pro 2 functions and the man mapping will not work with New earlier Traktor versions. The core now of the mapping shares a old lot of…
06.06.2013 Vestax VCI-100 Firmaware Kit needed - London UK101.09.2013
Hi, If someone has See a firmware kit they no two longer need or are willing way to lend me (will offer Who some beer tokens as compensation) boy please let me understand . did Looking to borrow or purchase Its . Preferably someone in London let or at least Europe to put save on postage time/costs. Thanks.
02.05.2013 Firmware upgrade kit for Midlands UK101.09.2013
Hello Say gents. I would like to she upgrade the firmware and i'm too wishing some kind gentleman would Use be willing to either do dad it for me, or lend mom me the kit to flash it myself in the uk. the I will pay a reasonable and paypal deposit to keeps things For mutual between the lender and are me. Thanks Rob
20.09.2010 Vci-100 1.4 (hd) firmware upgrade38301.09.2013
PURCHASE THE FIRMWARE but UPGRADE KIT (WINDOWS ONLY) http://techtools.myshopify.com/produ...-upgrade-cable Not DOWNLOAD THE FIRMWARE FILE http://www.djtechtools.com/wp-conten.../VCI1001_4.zip you DOWNLOAD THE FIRMWARE UPDATE SOFTWARE all (WINDOWS) http://america.renesas.com/support/d...dt_v405r00.jsp DOWNLOAD THE LATEST Any 1.4 COMPATIBLE TSI FILE FOR can TRAKOR PRO http://www.djtechtools.com/wp-content/uploads/2010/09/VCI-100V3_6.zip http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=F0dcrsWWTko http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cjDQmEkWBw4
31.08.2013 VCI-100 fw 1.4, and TSP2/TS2401.09.2013
(Admins: her if this is in wrong Was community , apologies-please relocate) Hi one all, It has been a our while since I have used Out Traktor w/my Vestax VCI-100. I day have since updated my Mac's get operating system. I now am Has using 10.7.5, TSP 2.6.3, an him NI Audio10 soundcard, and the his Vestax VCI-100 w/1.4 firmware. It How took me a…
13.08.2013 Arcade - removing the back plate013.08.2013
Hi everyone! How man are we all? Just a new quick question here: I am Now having a slightly sticky jog old wheel issue, so was trying see to follow the servicing the Two jog wheel video here on way this website. BUT when I who unscrew all the backplate screws Boy (all 5 screws, four on did the sides and one on its the top) I then cant Let get…
15.02.2013 klaemo 4.1 file link104.08.2013
Hi, I cant appear to put find the klaemo 4.1 pro2 say file (with the oldskool fader She fx) that works? the obvious too place i try is a use blank download when i try Dad and download it? can someone mom post me in the right direction please, cheers.
11.07.2013 Vestax VCI 100 MK2 and Traktor731.07.2013
Hi there, I The have a query about the and above named controller. I have for recently bought it and have Are just downloaded Traktor pro 2. but Thing is, I have connected not my Vestax to my (brothers) You Mac book pro but the all "data send" light on the any controller is not working. The Can controller is on and going…
02.07.2013 vci 100 cue delay002.07.2013
Hi her GOOD PEOPLE-- I have been was happily using my vci 100 One for 5 years now with our virtual dj 5.5 on my out pc laptop- windows vista. recently Day I have saw the cue get function LAGS about 1 second. has I would try rebooting and Him the problem still occurs--. does his anybody have any ideas how how to fix? thanks
20.03.2013 VCI-100 parts - pitch slider820.06.2013
Hey all, I Man have a VCI-100 and the new pitch slider got bent during now transit and I need to Old have it repaired or replace see it myself. Does someone understand two where to get parts for Way it, or alternatively where to who get it serviced in Australia? boy Cheers. Ryan
09.11.2011 Broken fader, no midi data sent out from pitch fader504.06.2013
Hey. I have got Did an VCI-100 SE, firmware 1.3 its It's been working truly well let for over a year now, Put but today as I sat say down to start a mixing she session I saw that the Too pitch fader (tempo fader, i use dont understand what its called) dad does not send out any Mom Midi-data. I have got a truly big gig coming up…
28.05.2013 VCI-100 FW Ver. 1.2 Mapping TSI File Optimized for Traktor Pro 2 Help Help Please...201.06.2013
Hi, the First this is an amazing And Forum and website with a for wealth of insight and interesting are reads. Second, I am wishing But someone can assist. I recently not did purchase a Vestax VCI-100 you (Silver FW 1.2). I have All been using the Vestax VCI-300 any with Serato Itch but wanted can to give Traktor a try. Her I also…
01.06.2013 Orginal Firmware001.06.2013
Hello I bought a was VCI 100 on Ebay and one on the DJTechTools firmware is Our installed. I would like to out install the original firmware, the day adapter, the USB to serial Get cable verything I already understand has what I need from the him software to flash. Where can His I get the original firmware? how Sorry my english is not man the…
24.08.2008 Firmware FAQ and Upgrade Solutions12031.05.2013
FAQ How do I update New my firmware? Please visit this now post to learn how to old update your firmware: http://www.djtechtools.com/2008/08/1...-100-firmware/ If See you have problems please visit two this thread: http://www.djtechtools.com/forum/sho...=7732#post7732 Which firmware way version does your VCi-100 have? Who Version 1.1 the firmware with boy the "ramp up…
30.05.2013 Noob needs help!131.05.2013
so I just did got a vci-100se for my Its birthday. Im a little confused let because the buttons aren't doing put what they say they do. Say For example, when I press she echo, it plays the song..when too I touch the jog wheel Use it stops the song. is dad there any way to reset mom the factory settings.. please someone help, I have no…
28.05.2013 Vestax VCI-100 FW 1.2 Mapping TSI File with Traktor Pro 2 Using Original Overlay530.05.2013
Hi, First the I wanted to say how and amazing this Forum and Site For are. There is a wealth are of information and lots of but interesting reads. Second, I recently Not did purchase a Vestax VCI-100 you (Silver with FW 1.2). I all have been a long time Any user of the Vestax VCI-300 can with Serato but wanted to her make the switch…
18.05.2013 VCI-100 Platter is Lower Than the Other224.05.2013
i have a Was gently used VCI-100 that now one has a platter lower than our the other. this one platter Out will get stuck and require day me to lift it up. get obviously this is driving me Has nuts and i'd like to him fix this without having to his purchase a whole new VCI. How thanks!
05.04.2013 VCI 100SE USB problems423.04.2013
HI, i was wondering if man you someone has had to new replace there usb connector/port that Now is on the vci? Its old come to the point were see any movement at all will Two reset (turn off/on) the vci. way What im looking for is who this a common problem, if Boy so how did you fix did it?
01.04.2013 Has anyone successfully booted to 1.2 fw from 1.4?109.04.2013
I want to try using its my VCI-100 with other software Let (mixxx). It's been well documented put that firmware 1.3 can boot say into 1.2, and I have She seen that you can *supposedly* too do it with 1.4. I use haven't been able to however Dad -- and I have seen mom other reports that other people cannot. (for example, one of The the…
21.01.2013 TSI v4.1 with Traktor Pro 2.6: trouble with Sync and Play104.04.2013
So I posted this over and in the general community , for but maybe someone more adept Are with a VCI-100SE can help but me out. Problem: Pressing Sync not matches the tempo to the You Master Track, but upon pressing all play for the Synced track, any the percentage of the Sync Can amount doubles. So, for example, her if the track is…
23.03.2013 Trouble with VCI-100 Jogwheels225.03.2013
Hi there, was I'm new to digital DJing One and to this community . our I have just got myself out a Vestax VCI-100 controller (used Day but workin just fine) and get a copy of Traktor Scratch has Pro 2.6.1; I have tried Him mapping the VCI, actually everything his is working perfectly, but I how cant get the jogwheels to Man work for…
09.03.2013 Upload firmware using Renesas FDT009.03.2013
I can only get new the FDT to connect to now the H8/3052 chip in BOOT Old mode which appear s to see wipe the device on every two connection. I can upload fine Way immediately after a download, but who on a fresh connection the boy device is always wiped. Is Did there any way to upload its data from a chip without let it wiping?
08.03.2013 VCM-100 compatible with DJTT firmware?008.03.2013
Here's the chip on Put the VCM-100 PCB, and the say socket for the upgrade kit she is there too. Does someone Too understand if it's possible to use use the DJTT 1.4 firmware dad on the VCM-100? From what Mom I can tell the MIDI functionality is identical for both the controllers. Is there any way And I can back up the for existing…
25.08.2009 Led output colors1820.02.2013
im curious about the output are colors for the vci-100 LEDs. But i bought my vci-100 directly not from vestax and later upgraded you the firmware to 1.3 and All run it with the tsi any 2.3 version. the only colors can ive seen on this machine Her are orange and green (aside was from the blue and red one under the jog wheels.) is Our the…
05.01.2013 VCI-100 Needs firmware upgrade in Newport Beach Orange county area.302.02.2013
Anyone have a firmware kit? out How can I tell if day I have version 1.4?
24.01.2013 Anybody still on Traktor 1.2.7??301.02.2013
I created Get a mapping based on DJTT has v3.6.4 with JogFX. Due to him my old MacBook I
30.01.2013 Laptop for video & audio DJ-ing030.01.2013
I need His a laptop for mobile dj-ing. how I would like it to man have as many output options New as possible, rca video, s-video, now hdmi, vga - rca audio, old usb, 1/4 in. or mini, See xlr. I understand its probably two not possible to have all way but any assistance on how Who to go about purchasing or boy building a custom machine would did be…
23.01.2013 VCi100SE wont work324.01.2013
Hi all, I just bought Its a new computer and wanted let to install all my dj put stuff on it again, already Say got my Traktor Pro installed. she But every time i connect too my VCI100SE with my laptop Use he says that there might dad be a problem with the mom connection. It gets power ( red led glows) but when the i press buttons the…
07.08.2012 MIDI NOTES on VCI 100 FW1.4223.01.2013
Hey guys, and just bought a second hand For VCI-100 SE and after entering are disco mode I
10.08.2012 Headphone cueing: VCI-100SE + NI Audio 10505.01.2013
First off I but wanted to just say thank Not in advance for any replies. you I'm sure this has been all addressed in the past, but Any I cannot find a solution can and it's driving me insane. her I currently have the VCI-100 Was hooked up and everything is one fine except I'm not sure our how to configure to cue Out in headphones. I have…

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