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    Genre:Electronica, House
    Location:Male, Maldives
6324 official dj-rankings.com




vifak is a DJ from Maldives

vifak is performing within the field of Electronica, House music and is ranked 6324 on the official DJ rankings list (www.djrankings.org).

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ViFaK 4 days ago:
My new single, “MOMENTS” is now on @beatport Top 100, Electronica Chart @goinkognito 🌴☀️😎🍹 #NewRelease… https://t.co/Edq5hTGatG
ViFaK 5 days ago:
RT @goinkognito: @djvifak - Moments 😎🌴☀️🍹⁠ Music from paradise! Check out the Maldivian Dj's latest track on your favorite music platform!…
ViFaK 6 days ago:
“MOMENTS” now available to stream along with some amazing music on Dubai Beach Bar & Lounge - Spotify playlist by… https://t.co/Ge9CdLmGWT
ViFaK 6 days ago:
MOMENTS - !!Out Now!! @goinkognito #vifakmusic #NewMusicFriday #outnow ☀️🌴😎🏄🏽🍹 Available on all digital stores… https://t.co/xZOlPmkeP6
ViFaK 1 week ago:
“Moments” - drops tomorrow on all digital platforms. @goinkognito ☀️🌴😎🌊🏄🏽 #tropicvibes #maldives #PositiveVibes… https://t.co/Rna2L0XPuE
ViFaK 1 week ago:
RT @goinkognito: @djvifak 's Moments will arrive in your favorite stores this Friday! Let the Maldivian DJ and Producer teleport you to his…
ViFaK 1 week ago:
Thanks for the feature @goinkognito , And thanks @millzero for the click.📸 https://t.co/KAIoZ9VAoJ
ViFaK 1 week ago:
New Music drops this friday😎 https://t.co/Jaqjfod1Cs
ViFaK 3 weeks ago:
RT @mezzomohamed: special thanks to @djvifak ❤ @aysha_alididi @MiraMMajid @abdulmaajid @nautymatox @AbloZaeem @fazeel_khaleel @waddey @shaf…
ViFaK 3 weeks ago:
“Your Love” is added to Hed Kandi Ibiza / Beach Club / Beach House Playlist. #spotifyplaylist https://t.co/XgDoP6uJtr
ViFaK 3 weeks ago:
@OthoAndGrag @sync_records 😉
ViFaK 3 weeks ago:
calypso by @OthoAndGrag. Another cool track on @sync_records #poolsidevibes #maldives https://t.co/CAatZRvJRf
ViFaK 4 weeks ago:
Grab your copy or add to your playlist. #yourlove #newrelease #housemusic https://t.co/rswZXS93X0
ViFaK 1 month ago:
Listen to my new music “Your Love” and many more on Dubai Beach Bar & Lounge playlist. https://t.co/uclORN8dOa
ViFaK 1 month ago:
New Music “Your Love “ is out today on all major platforms to stream and download. @Spotify @traxsource… https://t.co/IcD7Oq2Wvp
ViFaK 1 month ago:
New #housemusic Single “your Love” #exclusive #promo is out on @traxsource https://t.co/Q0uMKVIzp7
ViFaK 3 months ago:
NEW MUSIC - !OUT NOW! “GOODBYES” Available on all digital stores. Label: @sync_records Cover Model photo :… https://t.co/kjoIGTM05C
ViFaK 6 months ago:
Listen to my Verinthah (Timbhai Remix) and many more on Dubai Beach Bar & Lounge Playlist by Inkognito Records https://t.co/AQSeArEbw2
ViFaK 6 months ago:
❗️NEW MUSIC ❗️OUT NOW❗️ Get Down - Vifak & @djbunts https://t.co/1pp5jXNh5Q Available to download and stream on… https://t.co/DeYmdW2JfX
ViFaK 7 months ago:
Ammadey [Sunset Remix] - Vifak feat @affanvox Now available on @lavafoshi https://t.co/hGTdnph8nP

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