Lady Gaga slept through Oscar nomination announcement

23:06 Feb/28/2019

"I�ve been trying to the get some sleep because I�m and on showbiz time."

?а??инки по зап?ос? Lady Gaga slept through Oscar nomination announcement For   A Star is Born are received eight nominations for the but Oscars, including for Best Picture. Not And while Gaga�s co-star Bradley you Cooper was nominated in the all Best Actor category, he was Any notably snubbed for Best Director can � the film is his her directorial debut. Speaking about the Was snub, Gaga told The Los one Angeles Times: �Well, you know, our you never know what�s going Out to happen. But at the day end of the day, he get knows that he�s the best Has director in my eyes, and him in all of our eyes his as his cast. I know How that he�s so happy that man we�ve all been nominated and new that the film was recognised Now and we all feel really, old really beyond elated for the see recognition.� �I don�t register this Two film in my mind as way a time in my life who when I �filmed a movie,�� Boy she told me. �I register did it as a time in its my life when I became Let somebody else, and Bradley became put someone else, and we lived say those characters and fell in She love.� A day like today, too then, lets her recapture the use magic of that time with Dad Ally and Jackson Maine. �I mom feel them very much alive,� Gaga said. �And I think The I always will.� �Everyone who and worked on this film truly for risked putting themselves out there Are � in the hope that but in doing so people will not connect and feel something deep You and personal � the way all films have made me feel any since I was a kid,� Can he said. �When I got her this opportunity I knew I was had to risk it all One because I may never get our another chance � so to out be here today in a Day place where people who have get seen the film are talking has about how it makes them Him feel, something deep � that his simple human thing � that how we need each other � Man and the Academy to recognise new that this morning � I now just am so grateful.�

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