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    Location:Gold Coast, Australia
    Date of birth:1987-05-31
446 official dj-rankings.com




tydi is a well known DJ with a loyal fan base

tydi is performing within the field of Trance music and is ranked 446 on the official DJ rankings list (www.djrankings.org).

tydi is 32 years old, and his zodiac is Gemini.

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TYDI 4 hours ago:
Today I put liquor bottles in every room of my house. Tonight I’m getting dressed up and going bar hopping
TYDI 6 hours ago:
If you keep a glass of wine in both your hands you can’t accidentally touch your face.
TYDI 22 hours ago:
There is a difference between being obsessed and being motivated
TYDI 1 day ago:
TYDI 1 day ago:
@MichaelEmpyrean @mixcloud Hey man! Doing well! Yup live in LA :)
TYDI 1 day ago:
RT @tyDi: Listen to my first single of 2020 on @Spotify here! ➡️➡️ https://t.co/cY0mIWyOuX
TYDI 2 days ago:
RT @angelsea531: @tyDi @Spotify I'm so excited to be hearing this, Love your work!
TYDI 2 days ago:
RT @tyDi: BRAND NEW EP! - I was asked by @NYTimes journalist @ian_urbina to create music based on real sound recordings taken from extreme…
TYDI 2 days ago:
RT @ian_urbina: @tyDi @nytimes @Spotify Thank you for being a part of this project. The music you created is truly incredible.
TYDI 2 days ago:
BRAND NEW EP! - I was asked by @NYTimes journalist @ian_urbina to create music based on real sound recordings taken… https://t.co/VkC4MK8aro
TYDI 3 days ago:
RT @paulinaliwski: Omg @tyDi put For The First Time on his EP. I heard it a long time ago in a DJ set or was it a podcast on SoundCloud. De…
TYDI 3 days ago:
BRAND NEW EP OUT NOW! #TheWorldBelow 🤯🤩 https://t.co/0m12AUMGAs
TYDI 3 days ago:
RT @PlurryGodMomma: HAPPY HAPPY HAPPY EP DAY TO LEGEND @tyDi!!!!! Anyone and everyone make sure and go listen to this as soon as possible i…
TYDI 3 days ago:
@wolfmaydn1023 Hi!
TYDI 3 days ago:
Dude this EP is going to break your mind no matter where you’re from... nobody will see this coming from me 😏 https://t.co/TzRxLhtXj6
TYDI 3 days ago:
Ughhhh https://t.co/q8lLSv7pgX
TYDI 3 days ago:
Brace! https://t.co/NEtfrqWnY6
TYDI 3 days ago:
Worldwide... https://t.co/X0WIgaYn1r
TYDI 3 days ago:
RT @paulinaliwski: @tyDi @Spotify Excited for this!!!

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