Location:Gold Coast, Australia
    Date of birth:1987-05-31
443 official dj-rankings.com




tydi is an outstanding DJ who has proven a succesful brand on the international scene

tydi is performing within the field of Trance music and is ranked 443 on the official DJ rankings list (www.djrankings.org).

tydi is 31 years old, and his zodiac is Gemini.

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TYDI 5 hours ago:
@NYC_AudioGuru Haha awww!
TYDI 6 hours ago:
Dude just let me dance. I’ll be done when I’m done okay! https://t.co/24pKCl0s0l
TYDI 7 hours ago:
New bed for Tito! https://t.co/IMCjADpcmT
TYDI 7 hours ago:
Studio day with @Official_JES ❤️
TYDI 9 hours ago:
RT @Tarvali: #np 03. @tyDi feat. @LondonThor - Let Go [Global Soundsystem Records] on @TempoRadio1 @TranceWorldUK #IMA088 #OnAir #TranceFam…
TYDI 19 hours ago:
RT @WishIWasMusic: I wish I was ?
TYDI 20 hours ago:
My mind is racing
TYDI 23 hours ago:
Happy Friday! ... LET GO! https://t.co/YVKeWQVp4d
TYDI 1 day ago:
Stressed over a song because it’s so good but I want it to be perfect ah 😬
TYDI 1 day ago:
Thanks to everyone who's sending me videos of them blasting 'LET GO'! I'm so happy with this song :) Hope you all e… https://t.co/VKxxvEe020
TYDI 1 day ago:
RT @realbarbi2749: The bigger the better😀 @tyDi #fridaynightfun https://t.co/k9QcCd5wa7
TYDI 1 day ago:
RT @CdotJudge: @tyDi soooo goooood!!!!!! We need a EDCLV 2019 appearance! https://t.co/foFKGhcYwu
TYDI 2 days ago:
Happy Halloween I just did an inverse pumpkin carving of my cat. 🎃 This is symbolic to life, don’t focus on the emp… https://t.co/Cf7aYG1JWA
TYDI 2 days ago:
@DanieITheManiel You are welcome
TYDI 2 days ago:
Do you ever see those crazy people walking around the streets yelling at trees and dancing to no music? I feel like… https://t.co/stZgR5GyvA
TYDI 2 days ago:
Tonight I’m going to carve a pumpkin 🎃
TYDI 2 days ago:
Aw thanks Jes ;) https://t.co/Y9Si45LzVz
TYDI 2 days ago:
RT @iminlikewithu: @tyDi it only takes one word to get inspired, now when I think of love it's redefined. <3 https://t.co/2099sH6n1q
TYDI 3 days ago:
Meet the real genius behind the song I’m writing with @Official_JES 🐈 https://t.co/GbLgICvrBB
TYDI 3 days ago:
Today I realised that I have never ever received a fax in my life.

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