Location:Gold Coast, Australia
    Date of birth:1987-05-31
444 official dj-rankings.com




tydi is a well known DJ with a loyal fan base

tydi is performing within the field of Trance music and is ranked 444 on the official DJ rankings list (www.djrankings.org).

tydi is 30 years old, and his zodiac is Gemini.

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tyDi 2 hours ago:
@dancingastro @christophertin Thanks so much for the support! :)
tyDi 3 hours ago:
@iamDelaneyJane Beautiful!!!!
tyDi 3 hours ago:
Yes. https://t.co/2ZjNWRT4L3
tyDi 3 hours ago:
RT @dancingastro: .@tyDi & @christophertin are here to show you that classical music is one of the most seriously under appreciated music f…
tyDi 9 hours ago:
ONE WEEK!!! https://t.co/Mvij6iBPJv
tyDi 10 hours ago:
@BrianDunning Australia represent!!
tyDi 10 hours ago:
RT @xlovelydisastr: @FoundationSEA @tyDi Yassssss! 😍 https://t.co/oVeDHuHFlG
tyDi 11 hours ago:
RT @FoundationSEA: Just announced! @tyDi will be coming to Seattle on 2.3.18! Grab your tickets NOW! Tickets: https://t.co/IiCUq8anXn https…
tyDi 11 hours ago:
RT @torifreesia: I’ve had this beautiful song stuck in my head for two days straight. @tyDi and @DiaFramps really set the bar with this fi…
tyDi 11 hours ago:
RT @misnerjarrod: When @tyDi is announced at @FoundationSEA https://t.co/vFaO0Qr4vs
tyDi 11 hours ago:
RT @KarlyvonDryna: I need in my life your new album 'Collide' @tyDi 😊😊
tyDi 12 hours ago:
RT @christophertin: Another little preview of our upcoming album release with DJ @tyDi, featuring an excerpt of 'Everything I See'. Full s…
tyDi 13 hours ago:
LOS ANGELES! If you want to learn music from me personally for FREE this Sunday, sign up here - >… https://t.co/ShHGfro6f8
tyDi 16 hours ago:
Thank you 😊 https://t.co/BdqJOsSjwN
tyDi 16 hours ago:
I’m sorry :( but I can promise an all ages show soon enough ;) + an Orchestra https://t.co/QFUxo0CWZ7
tyDi 17 hours ago:
RT @Dope_Den: This weekend at IO Music Academy - #Masterclass with TyDI ...  www. https://t.co/xgOAQblNIV @IOMusicAcademy @tyDi https://t.…
tyDi 1 day ago:
Seattle!! Fed 3rd https://t.co/4vhJjnxxPJ
tyDi 1 day ago:
LOS ANGELES! I'm going to sit down up close and personal to teach you songwriting & music production. Get your FREE… https://t.co/mgq8C8deSA
tyDi 1 day ago:
@xlovelydisastr @PlurryGodMomma SHIT@@@@@ FEB 3rd
tyDi 1 day ago:
FRIDAY NEXT WEEK!!!!! #YouDontLoveMe https://t.co/EfnVZpldBN

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