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    Location:Brooklyn, NY, United States
1039 official dj-rankings.com

United States



tommie sunshine has managed to establish a career as a trustworthy DJ delivering an impeccable performance at every event

tommie sunshine is performing within the field of House music and is ranked 1039 on the official DJ rankings list (www.djrankings.org).

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Tommie Sunshine 😎🌹💚✊️ 1 minute ago:
RT @JuddLegum: This is Trump saying that potential brain injuries to U.S. troops are not "serious"
Tommie Sunshine 😎🌹💚✊️ 38 seconds ago:
RT @GravelInstitute: Endorse Bernie.
Tommie Sunshine 😎🌹💚✊️ 23 seconds ago:
RT @tinydaniela: JUST DONATED 27.00 like I do every damn week!! I love you @BernieSanders
Tommie Sunshine 😎🌹💚✊️ 35 seconds ago:
RT @AJENews: Iranian MP puts $3m bounty on President Donald Trump's head https://t.co/jHzeG89w49
Tommie Sunshine 😎🌹💚✊️ 16 minutes ago:
The latest Tommie Sunshine Twitterifically! https://t.co/WLYdKAoiJy Thanks to @ChandlerShort @WendyFry_… https://t.co/eFNsX7UdaN
Tommie Sunshine 😎🌹💚✊️ 24 minutes ago:
RT @SurvivinAmerica: Black folks on a boat being taken to their new owners...who’s idea was this? 🤦🏾‍♀️😏😩
Tommie Sunshine 😎🌹💚✊️ 59 minutes ago:
the New York City we all deserve. https://t.co/3fnfr0QAgS
Tommie Sunshine 😎🌹💚✊️ 1 hour ago:
Happy Wednesday y’all‼️ here’s $1.5 million worth of pressed pill ecstasy. https://t.co/bOGsMYRXlU
Tommie Sunshine 😎🌹💚✊️ 2 hours ago:
however, this article mentions but yet levels zero accusations or criticism on @amazon and/or @JeffBezos who is arg… https://t.co/vfyklGvX5T
Tommie Sunshine 😎🌹💚✊️ 2 hours ago:
“from @Facebook's disinformation problem to @Google's troubles w/ sexual harassment, combined w/ younger generation… https://t.co/LLZRIcW5ad
Tommie Sunshine 😎🌹💚✊️ 3 hours ago:
RT @karlhess: in my opinion yamaha is probably the best grand piano/motorcycle company out there
Tommie Sunshine 😎🌹💚✊️ 3 hours ago:
RT @treblaw: I'm never deleting twitter
Tommie Sunshine 😎🌹💚✊️ 3 hours ago:
RT @jaketapper: Great idea. There was a respected Washington Post columnist who i would love to have investigate the matter but you killed…
Tommie Sunshine 😎🌹💚✊️ 3 hours ago:
RT @markmobility: 👀👀👀 The Trump administration secretly approved the transfer of nuclear technology to Saudi Arabia days after the killing…
Tommie Sunshine 😎🌹💚✊️ 3 hours ago:
RT @kurteichenwald: Ever notice how EVERY TIME Trump tweets or speaks about African Americans, he does it only in the context of unemployme…
Tommie Sunshine 😎🌹💚✊️ 3 hours ago:
RT @actdottv: BREAKING: #ImpeachmentTrial Jumbotron in DC. #CoverUpMitch https://t.co/QzKfs5cYOt
Tommie Sunshine 😎🌹💚✊️ 3 hours ago:
RT @AdamParkhomenko: Not sure if you will see this on the news but there is a jumbotron outside the United States Senate right now exposing…
Tommie Sunshine 😎🌹💚✊️ 3 hours ago:
RT @lsarsour: I wrote a book. “We Are Not Here to Be Bystanders: A Memoir of Love & Resistance.” Forward by the legendary civil rights i…
Tommie Sunshine 😎🌹💚✊️ 3 hours ago:
RT @SenSanders: Senate Republicans, working directly with the White House, voted to prevent witnesses from testifying in Trump’s impeachmen…
Tommie Sunshine 😎🌹💚✊️ 3 hours ago:
RT @SethAbramson: FUN FACT: Trump is demanding *zero* witnesses be called in a case in which he asserts all the evidence and all the witnes…

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