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    Location:Helsinki, Finland
62 official dj-rankings.com




super8 & tab is considered one of the best DJ brands in the world

super8 & tab is performing within the field of Trance music and is ranked 62 on the official DJ rankings list (www.djrankings.org).

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Super8 & Tab 2 hours ago:
Have we ever met? Tell us about it and send in your pics of us together at https://t.co/DiU6DIxdTl, or tweet/DM us… https://t.co/VzSSiKqEbW
Super8 & Tab 2 days ago:
The @sodality_music banger 'Chimor' is out today on their EP 'Canaveral' through @scorchinrecords 🍾 Listen now:… https://t.co/1ZVpjkt9w9
Super8 & Tab 3 days ago:
Canada! You guys ready? We're hitting up Ottawa and Vancouver this weekend - see you there 🙌🏻🇨🇦 Tickets at… https://t.co/VBBi6AXLcf
Super8 & Tab 4 days ago:
Amsterdam! We're back for a new @Armada Invites on March 4th - sign up for a chance to win tickets:… https://t.co/8sFEVgSNwb
Super8 & Tab 6 days ago:
Our new track 'Rooftops' with @misscnovelli will be coming out Feb 28 💥 Can't wait! Pre-save the track now:… https://t.co/HE0rpCp9uY
Super8 & Tab 1 week ago:
Guys! Our SuperTab Radio podcast is now available on Spotify - head over there and don't forget to subscribe to get… https://t.co/U0mXgtQIF9
Super8 & Tab 1 week ago:
London! Just over a month to go - you ready? 🙌🏻 @thegalleryclub @ministry_club Tickets: https://t.co/MhcQBso6fy https://t.co/tJDVfJMI6L
Super8 & Tab 1 week ago:
You get one chance to shout something important from a rooftop - what would it be? https://t.co/YecnATX2eR
Super8 & Tab 2 weeks ago:
Thanks for tuning in - replay/subscribe/follow the show at https://t.co/NDQcI8jenx @Spotify @SoundCloud @YouTube… https://t.co/XkIV5ftw0H
Super8 & Tab 2 weeks ago:
14 @sholanmusic - Renegade Fire (Extended Mix) #NowPlaying #TranceFamily #HybridTrance #SuperTab195 https://t.co/R1RmF4iyJ0
Super8 & Tab 2 weeks ago:
13 @GOttaviani - Time To Play (Extended Mix) #NowPlaying #TranceFamily #HybridTrance #SuperTab195 https://t.co/FZfVntoXTO
Super8 & Tab 2 weeks ago:
12 @sunnylax - Solar Plexus (Extended Mix) #NowPlaying #TranceFamily #HybridTrance #SuperTab195 https://t.co/CMsBPoPiYT
Super8 & Tab 2 weeks ago:
11 @elypsismusic - Adira (Extended Mix) #NowPlaying #TranceFamily #HybridTrance #SuperTab195 https://t.co/l3oyuBlVCk
Super8 & Tab 2 weeks ago:
10 @Andrew_Rayel - Light Side Of The Harmony (Extended Mix) #NowPlaying #TranceFamily #HybridTrance #SuperTab195 https://t.co/Z8cwM4il5I
Super8 & Tab 2 weeks ago:
09 @Purple_Stories - Breathless (Extended Mix) #NowPlaying #TranceFamily #HybridTrance #SuperTab195 https://t.co/4mWer08dXr
Super8 & Tab 2 weeks ago:
08 @HusmanMusic - Lose Control (Extended Mix) #NowPlaying #TranceFamily #HybridTrance #SuperTab195 https://t.co/gsq1f3GVur
Super8 & Tab 2 weeks ago:
07 @henrydarkmusic - Need U (Extended Mix) #NowPlaying #TranceFamily #HybridTrance #SuperTab195 https://t.co/RXSae1kZ0D
Super8 & Tab 2 weeks ago:
05 @arminvanbuuren feat. @NeYoCompound - Unlove You (@MyonMuzik Return To 95 Mix) #NowPlaying #TranceFamily… https://t.co/h3X0cbpwsw
Super8 & Tab 2 weeks ago:
04 @Aveniaofficial - Force (Extended Mix) #NowPlaying #TranceFamily #HybridTrance #SuperTab195 https://t.co/jWPtQNvp5Y
Super8 & Tab 2 weeks ago:
03 @AamosMusic - Latika (Original Mix) #TranceFamily #HybridTrance #SuperTab195 https://t.co/W6nmhXslgK

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