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    Location:Helsinki, Finland
62 official dj-rankings.com




super8 & tab is among the top DJs in the world

super8 & tab is performing within the field of Trance music and is ranked 62 on the official DJ rankings list (www.djrankings.org).

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Super8 & Tab 7 hours ago:
We're very excited for @Aveniaofficial and @WiththeWinds1' new track 'Fusion' - out today on @scorchinrecords! 🔥 St… https://t.co/AVTIykNICG
Super8 & Tab 1 day ago:
Guys, tune in to @asot radio tonight from 9pm CET as we're taking over with a mix! Over here: https://t.co/9alsTMbewr
Super8 & Tab 1 day ago:
Guys - how about we stream a live set for you on April 14, AND you get to help us pick the setlist? 😎Stay tuned thi… https://t.co/1tUHv3BRZT
Super8 & Tab 2 days ago:
Leka premiering as @asot's #TuneOfTheWeek last Thursday 🙌🏻 We love it so much 🔥 Stream/Download Leka:… https://t.co/qZQAuLMWnp
Super8 & Tab 3 days ago:
We may need to stay home right now but that doesn't mean we can't party in our living rooms! Bringing back our… https://t.co/y5LGfaYl2N
Super8 & Tab 3 days ago:
Our collab with @arminvanbuuren 'Leka' made it to the #PowerHour playlist! Cheers @Spotify 🙌🏻 Listen now: https://t.co/ZL2Y1Un2Kr
Super8 & Tab 4 days ago:
It's easy to see at times like these how important music is. We've been listening to upcoming @scorchinrecords rele… https://t.co/EmceJLYCRy
Super8 & Tab 5 days ago:
We're going live on Facebook in 15mins, tune in! https://t.co/KvxKGXvsXf
Super8 & Tab 6 days ago:
Guys! We'll be live on Facebook tomorrow at 7PM CET time to chat to you about our new track Leka and keep you compa… https://t.co/eN9jKLhwEK
Super8 & Tab 1 week ago:
LEKA! 😜 So excited to be releasing this banger today with none other than @arminvanbuuren 🙌🏻 Stream/Download:… https://t.co/1Ufl2QDFWd
Super8 & Tab 1 week ago:
Thanks for tuning in - replay/subscribe/follow the show at https://t.co/NDQcI8jenx @AppleMusic @Spotify @SoundCloud… https://t.co/11A3PcG3FU
Super8 & Tab 1 week ago:
13 @BogdanVix & @ClaudiuAdamusic feat. @MonaMoua - Stay (Extended Mix) #NowPlaying #TranceFamily #HybridTrance… https://t.co/yMv8bwZOdW
Super8 & Tab 1 week ago:
12 Super8 & Tab and @MissCNovelli - Rooftops (@djmaartendejong Remix) / OUT NOW! #NowPlaying #TranceFamily… https://t.co/AmnLtXzDSf
Super8 & Tab 1 week ago:
11 @DanThompsonDJ - Descent (Extended Mix) #NowPlaying #TranceFamily #HybridTrance #SuperTab198 https://t.co/3ZCRzNNRfW
Super8 & Tab 1 week ago:
10 @BeatsoleDJ & @DJ_T_H - Ambivalence (Extended Mix) #NowPlaying #TranceFamily #HybridTrance #SuperTab198 https://t.co/dUpApwmoCI
Super8 & Tab 1 week ago:
09 @HamzeH_Music - Unity (Extended Mix) / OUT on @scorchinrecords #NowPlaying #TranceFamily #HybridTrance… https://t.co/L7jMNdDpEt
Super8 & Tab 1 week ago:
08 @zackevans - Chiara (Extended Mix) #NowPlaying #TranceFamily #HybridTrance #SuperTab198 https://t.co/slr7TTRBFl
Super8 & Tab 1 week ago:
07 @sodality_music - Chimor (Extended Mix) / OUT on @scorchinrecords #NowPlaying #TranceFamily #HybridTrance… https://t.co/mtMa4cwkqV
Super8 & Tab 1 week ago:
06 @artymusic x @antonstellz - Outburst (Extended Mix) #TranceFamily #HybridTrance #SuperTab198 https://t.co/NEAOQcl3uT
Super8 & Tab 1 week ago:
05 @cosmicgate - Your Mind (Extended Mix) #NowPlaying #TranceFamily #HybridTrance #SuperTab198 https://t.co/VxTkOZ5khO

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