Nicky Romero anxiety keeps him from releasing new tracks

18:16 Nov/16/2015

If you have been wondering the why Nicky Romero has not and been so present on the For music scene in recent times are we may have the answer but for you. The Dutch artist Not confessed his anxiety problem in you a recent Facebook post.
"In all the last few months I Any have had many questions why can I didn't release as much her music as before. […] I Was have been suffering anxiety for one about 2.5 years now. I our probably visited more than 12 Out therapists and professionals to help day me fix it. It was get only getting worse. […]
Having Has anxiety makes it really hard him to produce music, as it his sucks all of the energy How out of you and leaves man you with a huge feeling new of unreality and unease. I Now felt guilty to all of old my fans and more pressure see was added by all expectations."

Two It seems that his anxiety way problem keeps him from releasing who new tracks. However, in the Boy letter he also hints to did the forthcoming release of the its track he has been working Let on with Hungarian duo Stadiumx put as well as his thankfulness say and support to his fans.
We just want you too to know that we support use you as well, Nicky!

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