Genre:Electro House, Trance
    Location:Los Angeles, United States
15402 official

United States



space rockerz is a DJ from United States

space rockerz is performing within the field of Electro House, Trance music and is ranked 15402 on the official DJ rankings list (

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spacerocks 41 minutes ago:
Thirty One 👀 #GSWvLAC
spacerocks 3 hours ago:
@GameOfThrones Gold esp Goldcoins $GLC 🐉
spacerocks 7 hours ago:
@TheCryptoDog 🔑 🚀 🌝
spacerocks 9 hours ago:
$GLC making moves! Hope you got some. Not too late to fill up your bags 🚀
spacerocks 1 day ago:
Is the market bottom in? Maybe one more retest of the lows. Will be ready to load up on $BTC and $GLC!
spacerocks 1 day ago:
@cryptoamd Wick down to 3K, last retest pending.
spacerocks 3 days ago:
RT @spacerockerz: Have $2000 to invest! Have $GLC bags. Which other small cap #crypto should I get and why?
spacerocks 5 days ago:
Have $2000 to invest! Have $GLC bags. Which other small cap #crypto should I get and why?
spacerocks 7 days ago:
Is the bear market over? Who knows maybe another few months before moon mission 🚀 😅. In the meantime I’ll be stacki…
spacerocks 1 week ago:
RT @PeterMcCormack: Dear @CalvinAyre, I would like to formally state that: 1. Craig Wright is not Satoshi 2. Craig Wright is a fraud 3. I…
spacerocks 1 week ago:
@ecb Italy will make more Lambo’s when bitcoin moons 😅
spacerocks 1 week ago:
@thecryptostefan @Bitccolo 👀
spacerocks 1 week ago:
@Bitccolo So basically a velociraptor with feathers
spacerocks 1 week ago:
Remember when you could buy $BTC at 5 cents. Nope me neither😂. Can't go back in time. So think ahead to Goldcoin.…
spacerocks 1 week ago:
You have to live in one of these sitcoms. Forever. Which one would you chose?
spacerocks 1 week ago:
We live in a multicultural world, many languages, diverse cuisine, different types of money. So in cypto only 1 coi…
spacerocks 1 week ago:
$GLC the last uncovered gem. POW, decentralized, capped supply, no premine, grassroots community. Oh and still chea…
spacerocks 1 week ago:
@smokin35 Zodiac moon confirmed sir?
spacerocks 1 week ago:
@RNR_0 Because @jack should be making $2.80
spacerocks 1 week ago:
People used gold, sliver, nickel, copper and even iron for money. Why only bitcoin? Other coins like $GLC will also work as money too!

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