Oliver Heldens

Oliver Heldens
    Genre:Electro House, Electronica, Techno
    Date of birth:1995-02-01
44 official dj-rankings.com




oliver heldens is among the top DJs in the world

oliver heldens is performing within the field of Electro House, Electronica, Techno music and is ranked 44 on the official DJ rankings list (www.djrankings.org).

oliver heldens is 28 years old, and his zodiac is Aquarius.

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🌴🦎Oliver Heldens 🐨🕺🏻 28 minutes ago:
The high-energy Nu-Disco, Future House, (Euro)Dance/Pop smash follow up to "Turn Me On"… got a music video! ❤️‍🔥🕺🏻… https://t.co/oml9iiEiie
🌴🦎Oliver Heldens 🐨🕺🏻 1 week ago:
@mysteryland bound once again in August!! ☀️❤️‍🔥 See you at the @HeldeepRecords stage 🕺🏻💙 https://t.co/kks9Xz57DR https://t.co/pEz9X4XwSB
🌴🦎Oliver Heldens 🐨🕺🏻 3 weeks ago:
Drum roll please 🥁... you picked the Mega Mashup Epic Show Intro incl. Wombass, Kylie Minogue, Koala, Madonna & mor… https://t.co/yuAkKlFecR
🌴🦎Oliver Heldens 🐨🕺🏻 3 weeks ago:
@ministryofsound @framelessldn event tomorrow!! Super excited for this, it's gonna be a new experience to do a DJ… https://t.co/RJZ9WCpOJI
🌴🦎Oliver Heldens 🐨🕺🏻 3 weeks ago:
"Oops" gets the PBH & Jack remix treatment ‍🔥🕺🏻✨🪩 https://t.co/zTsFkjuDV7 https://t.co/QYN2eX3wVh
🌴🦎Oliver Heldens 🐨🕺🏻 4 weeks ago:
London!! 🇬🇧 I'm going to be back in town next week, 28th Feb and I'll be joining @ministryofsound at @framelessldn… https://t.co/aZA2GkEhcG
🌴🦎Oliver Heldens 🐨🕺🏻 4 weeks ago:
Miami!! The @HeldeepRecords Pool Party lineup just landed 💦🌴 an amazing lineup will be joining the team at Nautilus… https://t.co/07Ix7s7UeE
🌴🦎Oliver Heldens 🐨🕺🏻 1 month ago:
I'm so excited to finally share this one with you!! I've been playing "Disco Voyager" in my sets for a while now an… https://t.co/NOwj0gKJlk
🌴🦎Oliver Heldens 🐨🕺🏻 1 month ago:
RT @official_hilo: 🖤🖤🖤 @beatport https://t.co/nnN5Ti6geA
🌴🦎Oliver Heldens 🐨🕺🏻 1 month ago:
Who will be heading back to the @HeldeepRecords Pool Party for Miami Music Week?! 💦✨ Tickets:… https://t.co/3fU9PtGImC
🌴🦎Oliver Heldens 🐨🕺🏻 2 months ago:
Super excited to announce this new track on my bday! 👀🥳 I need your help with picking the final title though: 1. I… https://t.co/OdKhVXpcFp
🌴🦎Oliver Heldens 🐨🕺🏻 2 months ago:
@KarenHarding killinnnng it 🎶 #oops #oopsididitagain https://t.co/Vbtm1dDMQv
🌴🦎Oliver Heldens 🐨🕺🏻 2 months ago:
@dalieux @official_hilo Nicee, see you there! HI-LO is ready to rave! 💯😎🙌🚀⚡️🌀💜
🌴🦎Oliver Heldens 🐨🕺🏻 2 months ago:
A long time aspiration of mine is launching this week in the form of my new techno label HILOMATIK with my latest… https://t.co/G57zcBFRH3
🌴🦎Oliver Heldens 🐨🕺🏻 2 months ago:
Nie mogę doczekać się imprezy z Tobą na Fest Festiwal. Będzie super! Nie mogę się doczekać! Do zobaczenia na miejsc… https://t.co/GjHqzlhJw5
🌴🦎Oliver Heldens 🐨🕺🏻 2 months ago:
@LeahAvicii9 😎👊🔥
🌴🦎Oliver Heldens 🐨🕺🏻 2 months ago:
@choclover77 @KarenHarding 💥🙌❤️
🌴🦎Oliver Heldens 🐨🕺🏻 2 months ago:
@EnvisRacingFan 🙏❤️
🌴🦎Oliver Heldens 🐨🕺🏻 2 months ago:
Thank you for the support @capitaldance!! Off to an amazing start 🚀🕺🏻✨ https://t.co/dYsz8UKGv8
🌴🦎Oliver Heldens 🐨🕺🏻 2 months ago:
The high-energy Nu-Disco, Future House, (Euro)Dance/Pop smash follow up to "Turn Me On"… my new single with Karen H… https://t.co/keKRqdWA9n



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