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    Genre:Dubstep, Electro House
    Location:Tallinn, Estonia
204 official dj-rankings.com




mord fustang is a world famous DJ who has global recognition

mord fustang is performing within the field of Dubstep, Electro House music and is ranked 204 on the official DJ rankings list (www.djrankings.org).

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Mord Fustang 19 hours ago:
Good morning https://t.co/GRge5nL5Te
Mord Fustang 1 day ago:
Thanks! 🙏👍 https://t.co/YMUtmfC302
Mord Fustang 1 day ago:
Additionally, the answers can be sent via the web form on https://t.co/joO90hHrjR. Please write "Hidden message" in… https://t.co/6q29DoSIvA
Mord Fustang 1 day ago:
Contest Time!! There is a hidden message on the album, inside the music. First person to find the hidden message ge… https://t.co/KmHBet0bJh
Mord Fustang 1 day ago:
Happy release day! 🙏👍 https://t.co/uqX35RBLK5
Mord Fustang 1 day ago:
This is the last long-playing release for a while and I truly appreciate your support. As always, thank you for listening!
Mord Fustang 1 day ago:
Making this album has been incredibly emotional for me, emotional and also observational because I wanted to put ev… https://t.co/lwZeTmJZnB
Mord Fustang 1 day ago:
I am beyond excited to announce that my new album, TURN TO (‘)11, is OUT TODAY. I am so happy to share this 2 hour+… https://t.co/po58o280V5
Mord Fustang 2 days ago:
In 1 day. https://t.co/qfMUKWEAiu
Mord Fustang 4 days ago:
In 3 days. https://t.co/xTzbrQwthR
Mord Fustang 7 days ago:
In 5 days. https://t.co/dEZIS9iztC
Mord Fustang 1 week ago:
RT @Frapskillar: I'm again on @MordFustang's Stream we talk about different things while Mord plays Crusi'n Blast on the switch go check it…
Mord Fustang 1 week ago:
Live on Twitch in a minute playing some Cruis'n Blast, come join chat https://t.co/WUqX9GiFOw
Mord Fustang 1 week ago:
And yes, this is why my new album will use ALL CAPS where possible (it's not possible on Apple stores because Apple… https://t.co/RzHAaI6tR8
Mord Fustang 1 week ago:
To go off on a random tangent: I prefer to use the Chicago Manual of Style of capitalization in titles and any dist… https://t.co/Tt1He6xEm0
Mord Fustang 1 week ago:
The final single before the album release, ⬢ THE FASHION SHOW is out today! Thank you for listening! Buy/Listen:… https://t.co/F5WwWshm1Q
Mord Fustang 1 week ago:
Mord Fustang 2 weeks ago:
@ftodj Album.
Mord Fustang 2 weeks ago:
Additional assurance: 64% of the new album is dance music.
Mord Fustang 2 weeks ago:
I'm clearly having the most fun with this album when compared to any other one I've done.

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