DJ-Follower's Daily Dose of Free Tunes: Archie, RAC and ETC! ETC!

00:00 Nov/30/1999

Packed with songs from 3 different genres, this dose of free tunes will satisfy your multi-faceted needs. ETC! ETC! makes sure you get your trap fix, while Archie injects you with good vibes, and RAC takes you reminiscing on the good old days, with a contemporary rendition of the 1996 anthem 'Lovefool'.

Reminder: these tracks are the courtesy of the artist. Sort of creative commons that you are supposed to share, mix and remix as you please. Nevertheless, we urge you to support the artists by acquiring their other releases and going to the shows! Enjoy, and grab them while you can!

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Summer's lurking around iin the shadow of Spring, and Archie is already bouncing up and down in his studio. Mord Fustang comes to mind when listening to this remix of 'Roll That Dice' by Cataracs. And that's a good thing!

Benny Benassi did a superb remix of Public Enemy's 'Bring The Noise' for Ultra 2007. ETC! ETC! trapped the remix out for this years Ultra. While Chuck D's vocals are a tad bit too fast, it's more than respectable that the track has been brought to light again again.

A real gem has been uploaded for free grabs. In celebration of hitting the 30K Facebook followers, RAC has released an amazing cover of the 1996 his 'Lovefool'. Covered by André Allen Anjos and Liz Anjos, the megahit has gotten a beatiful new look suitable for those contemporary disco favoring dance-floors.

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