Genre:Electro House, Tech House
    Location:Montreal, QC, Canada
15894 official dj-rankings.com




justajuss is a DJ from Canada

justajuss is performing within the field of Electro House, Tech House music and is ranked 15894 on the official DJ rankings list (www.djrankings.org).

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Justin Gauthier 14 hours ago:
Ohh it’s nice to dream sometimes. What a great condo! https://t.co/4B9G0koV52
Justin Gauthier 1 day ago:
New Onyx update from Obsidian Control Systems https://t.co/lS50hAeTVL
Justin Gauthier 3 days ago:
Elation Professional new Rayzor760 was front and centre at the #SuperBowl #halftimeshow this year! Elation Professi… https://t.co/WOhdWmNjag
Justin Gauthier 5 days ago:
Wow!! This is going to change the scoreboard game in a hurry! https://t.co/Vlbs4onhWf
Justin Gauthier 7 days ago:
Ohh, I want! https://t.co/0DIvzb4IOq
Justin Gauthier 2 weeks ago:
Elation Professional is going to be at the #Superbowl this year! Be sure to check out the #halftime show! https://t.co/PE6UCuzu2r
Justin Gauthier 2 weeks ago:
The new Obsidian Control Systems NX4 coming soon!! https://t.co/zbbV16AIKj
Justin Gauthier 3 weeks ago:
Back home to the cold 😢 it’s been a great successful week at NAMM Show — traveling to Montreal, Quebec from Termina… https://t.co/zoKcTntSky
Justin Gauthier 3 weeks ago:
The most powerful moving head on the market being launched by Elation Professional and it is incredible!! https://t.co/z1V0WCCYFg
Justin Gauthier 3 weeks ago:
Very proud to announce that we’ve received an award for Outstanding Growth Achievement from Elation Professional at… https://t.co/RJJQYFcrcS
Justin Gauthier 3 weeks ago:
attending NAMM
Justin Gauthier 3 weeks ago:
More new stuff cooking up for Obsidian Control Systems https://t.co/AEjNAWK1kj
Justin Gauthier 4 weeks ago:
Heading out to NAMM 2019 to see all my industry friends and get away from this cold! #worklife #businesstravels — t… https://t.co/3q6KZwSg3W
Justin Gauthier 4 weeks ago:
Something new to see from Obsidian Control Systems at NAMM! https://t.co/fdjjhZEb8B
Justin Gauthier 4 weeks ago:
Elation Professional at it again! Releasing great innovating products! Come see the new #sparkled at The NAMM SHOW… https://t.co/9Pns3CINaW
Justin Gauthier 4 weeks ago:
WoW! https://t.co/GSvAh1vl1f
Justin Gauthier 4 weeks ago:
Architectural Lighting Solutions https://t.co/hiHqnJkdfS
Justin Gauthier 1 month ago:
Heading back home to the family! It’s been good LA see you again in two weeks! — traveling to Montreal, Quebec from… https://t.co/vj12lTQR4Q
Justin Gauthier 1 month ago:
Elation Professional Canada Elation Professional at NAMM in two weeks! https://t.co/Ulqdt7fAxf
Justin Gauthier 1 month ago:
First business trip of the year! — traveling to Los Angeles, California from Aéroport Montréal-Trudeau Airport https://t.co/oMkWq9Fbpb

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