Genre:Electro House, Tech House
    Location:Montreal, QC, Canada
15892 official dj-rankings.com




justajuss is a DJ from Canada

justajuss is performing within the field of Electro House, Tech House music and is ranked 15892 on the official DJ rankings list (www.djrankings.org).

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Justin Gauthier 20 hours ago:
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Justin Gauthier 3 days ago:
Heading back home! Another successful week on the road. — traveling to Montreal from YHZ Halifax International Airp… https://t.co/hGYinvtq3l
Justin Gauthier 4 days ago:
Wu-Tang that’s wassup! https://t.co/0s1Ij3RLnc
Justin Gauthier 5 days ago:
The show is live! Come hang out and see some great products. https://t.co/0BftAtQkXx
Justin Gauthier 6 days ago:
Come join us in Halifax! Elation Professional Canada https://t.co/mNze5tqIC4
Justin Gauthier 7 days ago:
Off to Halifax for the week to help with the SFM roadshow! #worktravels — traveling to yhz from Montreal-Trudeau I… https://t.co/KSzC8L0ibI
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Justin Gauthier 1 week ago:
Heading back home to see my special family after a successful week in the 6ix. — traveling to Montreal, Quebec from… https://t.co/9jut4sd6bk
Justin Gauthier 1 week ago:
Another tour with Elation Professional Canada products! Big thank you to our friends at Soundbox Productions and Co… https://t.co/zEsvscVOO7
Justin Gauthier 1 week ago:
Elation Professional Canada at it again!👌🏻 https://t.co/OYtjLb8tZ6
Justin Gauthier 2 weeks ago:
Heading to Toronto for the week! #worklife — traveling to Toronto from Montreal-Trudeau International Airport - Air… https://t.co/AEV5DZwepX
Justin Gauthier 3 weeks ago:
If your in Winnipeg, go visit our @sfm team! https://t.co/rKuqnGEyN7
Justin Gauthier 3 weeks ago:
Justin Gauthier 1 month ago:
Smarty Hybrid from Elation Professional looking amazing! Great job Shawn Butcher! Follow Elation Professional Canad… https://t.co/alBRUvO5Ca
Justin Gauthier 1 month ago:
Nice!! https://t.co/E7XrH5RxDx
Justin Gauthier 1 month ago:
Best costume goes too! https://t.co/jkNgTXP20P
Justin Gauthier 2 months ago:
Date night at the game! — feeling blessed at Centre Bell https://t.co/4NmY7NR34n
Justin Gauthier 2 months ago:
Heading back home! Can’t wait to see my special little family! — traveling to Montreal, Quebec from McCarran Intern… https://t.co/LsLrw3MVTy
Justin Gauthier 2 months ago:
Off to LDI Conference and Tradeshow going to be a busy one this year! #worklife — traveling to Las Vegas, Nevada fr… https://t.co/2vd50Mgfqa

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