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    Location:Toronto, ON, Canada
841 official dj-rankings.com




ill.gates has a many loyal fans in his home country

ill.gates is performing within the field of Dubstep music and is ranked 841 on the official DJ rankings list (www.djrankings.org).

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ILL.GATES 4 hours ago:
Much love and respect to @andyweatherall + family. I was deeply influenced by his #TwoLoneSwordsmen project and wi… https://t.co/2Z4fmj0idB
ILL.GATES 6 hours ago:
@aconsciouswill @flaxenburg @wreckno @tiedyekid18 @bassnectar Yup. I spoke to him.
ILL.GATES 7 hours ago:
@flaxenburg @aconsciouswill @wreckno @tiedyekid18 @bassnectar I’ll get him proper tomorrow lol
ILL.GATES 22 hours ago:
@Nicoleluvswubs @wreckno @bassnectar Boooo! Wikipedia has the wrong date I'm so embarassed! :( https://t.co/87KzD5uAb3
ILL.GATES 1 day ago:
IMHO it is less commendable to do a good deed as a means to an end than it is to do a good deed for its own sake.… https://t.co/K1da9rGIsT
ILL.GATES 2 days ago:
@yooochelsss @moporobbie @BernieSanders @washingtonpost @SenWarren @SpeakerPelosi @SenatorReid @POTUS44 Be nice ple… https://t.co/12SsYNNVvZ
ILL.GATES 2 days ago:
@moporobbie @yooochelsss @BernieSanders @washingtonpost @SenWarren @SpeakerPelosi @SenatorReid @POTUS44 I’m a fan o… https://t.co/A7TNO5gWEe
ILL.GATES 2 days ago:
@dpbasshead808 Foul!
ILL.GATES 2 days ago:
@ruskoofficial Amazing! Miss ya Chris!
ILL.GATES 2 days ago:
All this new @Machine_Drum and @beatsbyholly shit is really doing it for me. More of everything please!
ILL.GATES 2 days ago:
@retronomicon666 Nice!
ILL.GATES 2 days ago:
@zwonkybeats Never heard that one tbh. What’s it mean?
ILL.GATES 2 days ago:
@aconsciouswill Big fan of cocksuckers IRL but yeah: it’s a real nice sounding swear word
ILL.GATES 2 days ago:
What’s your favorite swear word and why?
ILL.GATES 2 days ago:
@Brooklynnbandz @bassnectar @koansound @Noisia_nl @commodomusic @SeppaUK @om_unit @AHundredDrums @Supertaskmusic… https://t.co/n8axmpOrdl
ILL.GATES 2 days ago:
Would love to come rock with you guys. HMU https://t.co/VqyZ4Iuxae
ILL.GATES 2 days ago:
RT @CDRosa: Late night Bernie Twitter is wild. https://t.co/zEWEOD0asg
ILL.GATES 2 days ago:
Well that’s exciting! https://t.co/iCCTypdqDW
ILL.GATES 2 days ago:
RT @aaronbrownsound: 🤡SFX FOR CHARITY🤡 45.65gb//1668 files A team of 43 sound designers and recordists from around the world teamed up to…
ILL.GATES 2 days ago:
@BassHeadRob Glad you enjoy it :) Fun fact: it was originally from my track “the demon slayer pt 2” People really… https://t.co/pdd2rdO8p6

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