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ill.gates is a highly acknowledged DJ and considered among the best in Canada

ill.gates is performing within the field of Dubstep music and is ranked 838 on the official DJ rankings list (

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ILL.GATES 5 hours ago:
RT @ninjatune: Tune in: @Machine_Drum joins @TOKiMONSTA on @BBCR1 for Young Art Sound tonight from 12am GMT / 4pm PST / 7pm EST. https://t.…
ILL.GATES 6 hours ago:
@DubstoneRecs Psst: dub music was invented by black people in Jamaica. You might want to listen to the lyrics some time ;)
ILL.GATES 9 hours ago:
@rodneylief Usually once a week but if you’re in a hurry you could message him or try another mentor. You can alwa…
ILL.GATES 9 hours ago:
If you have producer problems I feel bad for you son, I got 99 problems but making beats ain’t one.
ILL.GATES 11 hours ago:
@DubstoneRecs Are you satirizing conspiracy theorists or do you legitimately believe that the whole children in cag…
ILL.GATES 19 hours ago:
Is anyone REALLY that surprised that they’re locking children in cages? Of course racist sociopaths are gonna do t…
ILL.GATES 20 hours ago:
@wintersmusic_ @ProducerDojo glad you enjoyed the workshop! thanks for spreading the word. <3
ILL.GATES 21 hours ago:
RT @g14festival: In the end, good memories are our most prized possessions. #g14festival Cumming, Iowa. July 14. Song cred: "Is You Is" b…
ILL.GATES 1 day ago:
@DesertFoxATX @Dell @DellTech @ProducerDojo I want customer support tho. Things break.
ILL.GATES 1 day ago:
Anyone have any contacts at @Dell @DellTech ? I might switch the whole @ProducerDojo over to PC.
ILL.GATES 1 day ago:
@DPJelley @Apple thank you! that would be great. i've been without my computer now for 4 weeks of repair time over 3 occasions now :(
ILL.GATES 1 day ago:
OK, I've reached my breaking point with these endless @Apple computer issues. the once mighty brand has collapsed f…
ILL.GATES 2 days ago:
@Ben_Jammin_10 Sure. Email me.
ILL.GATES 2 days ago:
@roneshsofresh Oops lol.
ILL.GATES 2 days ago:
Oh Germany... don’t ever change.
ILL.GATES 2 days ago:
I made a hummus called “Hummus Rodriguez” and I’m gonna eat it while watching the Colombia vs Japan World Cup match.
ILL.GATES 2 days ago:
@Ben_Jammin_10 i do it every day and will never stop!
ILL.GATES 2 days ago:
@jadentenerowicz saturday! wooo!
ILL.GATES 2 days ago:
RT: TEEDOT! Warehouse party! FRIDAY! Ya DUN KNOW deez riddim! WATCHOUT! Tag your friends <3 let’s party!…
ILL.GATES 2 days ago:
RT @DNAproxi: Thank you @illgatesmusic for igniting my 🔥 last…

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