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    Genre:Hip-Hop, Open Format
    Location:Los Angeles, United States
3720 official dj-rankings.com

United States



homicide is a professional DJ who is mainly working in

homicide is performing within the field of Hip-Hop, Open Format music and is ranked 3720 on the official DJ rankings list (www.djrankings.org).

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🤴🏾 1 minute ago:
@LUNAA444 No one is being tough. I appreciate the way I was raised cuz it prepared me for the real world.
🤴🏾 2 minutes ago:
@aye_ricaxo @AlexiaSymonee Oh not you wirh this gif again Lmfaooo https://t.co/fbdT7OI4wr
🤴🏾 3 minutes ago:
@aye_ricaxo @AlexiaSymonee I'm not saying y'all sleep around but I highly doubt everyone you ever slept with was or… https://t.co/RbYuNfWwly
🤴🏾 6 minutes ago:
@AlexiaSymonee @aye_ricaxo https://t.co/RfTNlOh9Zv
🤴🏾 7 minutes ago:
@AlexiaSymonee @aye_ricaxo So you must he married then if a dude are you're for ever
🤴🏾 8 minutes ago:
@LUNAA444 Rather learn how to deal with adversity from my parents than a stranger
🤴🏾 8 minutes ago:
@LUNAA444 My parents were my sanctuary and taught me about real life. Didn't baby me so I wouldn't have a realistic… https://t.co/OVHlql9s0P
🤴🏾 10 minutes ago:
@RichsThrone Agreed
🤴🏾 12 minutes ago:
@LUNAA444 Really they're just teaching you about the real world in which you learn to thank them later. I'm glad m… https://t.co/o4mXweV7Pt
🤴🏾 17 minutes ago:
@RichsThrone I figured
🤴🏾 29 minutes ago:
https://t.co/EKFD7fLehP https://t.co/0BMWwCPsMY
🤴🏾 34 minutes ago:
This https://t.co/6oDTjwvXrQ
🤴🏾 42 minutes ago:
@megreyes_ He’s been trying to buy this team all year. Deal just finally closed
🤴🏾 2 hours ago:
@TheTrillAC Ross All day. Maybe Kanye too
🤴🏾 2 hours ago:
Dodgers undefeated since Bauer went off on the team lol
🤴🏾 3 hours ago:
@winningperson_ Stop lying https://t.co/rdSKWdGyp8
🤴🏾 3 hours ago:
Bout to buy me a few more pairs of vans
🤴🏾 3 hours ago:
@winningperson_ Cu you're a dirty minded girl smh https://t.co/KHXSlpoYRg
🤴🏾 4 hours ago:
@_DjNitrane for sure. He goes in the daytime https://t.co/zhjwhFJCMC
🤴🏾 11 hours ago:
Always hungry at these hours smh

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