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    Genre:Hip-Hop, Open Format
    Location:Los Angeles, United States
3720 official dj-rankings.com

United States



homicide is an acclaimed DJ from United States

homicide is performing within the field of Hip-Hop, Open Format music and is ranked 3720 on the official DJ rankings list (www.djrankings.org).

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Cap 🧢 Daddy 39 seconds ago:
That’s the best part https://t.co/ckc8mSJIlp
Cap 🧢 Daddy 37 minutes ago:
Wow https://t.co/PCHdrq4ULq
Cap 🧢 Daddy 43 minutes ago:
@djHeartAttak Had it for a few days. Heard it once and i was good after that
Cap 🧢 Daddy 1 hour ago:
Best event in the olympics https://t.co/oqqYpNB9NC
Cap 🧢 Daddy 1 hour ago:
@feelnfeline 🤣
Cap 🧢 Daddy 1 hour ago:
@feelnfeline You tell him about yesterday? 🤣
Cap 🧢 Daddy 1 hour ago:
LiL dudes out here laying hats https://t.co/6Lx33Wq6vJ
Cap 🧢 Daddy 2 hours ago:
Ok here comes the rain
Cap 🧢 Daddy 2 hours ago:
And I’m across the street from and it’s not raining over here. Wild https://t.co/EVyaM2P2YP
Cap 🧢 Daddy 2 hours ago:
Rain was wild last night https://t.co/xkqvtCUVJg
Cap 🧢 Daddy 3 hours ago:
👀 https://t.co/EumDqU9K6r
Cap 🧢 Daddy 3 hours ago:
Absolutely https://t.co/RtUAQ2JC0H
Cap 🧢 Daddy 3 hours ago:
And you can’t turn it off either https://t.co/T4cQ30ckaz
Cap 🧢 Daddy 3 hours ago:
Lol https://t.co/X0lyW6dHnG
Cap 🧢 Daddy 11 hours ago:
@Fashen @SheckyGreen Fash was in his Bag tonight
Cap 🧢 Daddy 12 hours ago:
Wow https://t.co/bUEy29vCSk
Cap 🧢 Daddy 12 hours ago:
The fights on Spirit Airlines going home after Rolling Loud bout to be lit. Cant wait
Cap 🧢 Daddy 12 hours ago:
@SimplyKarrr It’s such a gross back drop. Someone back they’re shitting while you get a pose off lol
Cap 🧢 Daddy 13 hours ago:
Normalize not taking selfies in pissy/shitty disgusting 🤮 public bathrooms ladies. Thank you
Cap 🧢 Daddy 14 hours ago:
@Ballin Diff era. Diff agendas. Health, age, family time more important to some. Also the other dudes have a few gold medals

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