Genre:Hip-Hop, Open Format
    Location:Los Angeles, United States
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United States



homicide has managed to establish a career as a trustworthy DJ delivering an impeccable performance at every event

homicide is performing within the field of Hip-Hop, Open Format music and is ranked 3255 on the official DJ rankings list (www.djrankings.org).

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TᖇIᒪᒪ GᗩTEᔕ 12 minutes ago:
@KingJbell These kids in the west ain't no joke man. Young kings, lakers and suns
TᖇIᒪᒪ GᗩTEᔕ 21 minutes ago:
A dude will clean his entire Apt in under 5 min if a chick is coming through
TᖇIᒪᒪ GᗩTEᔕ 23 minutes ago:
I'm trying to hit these Summer league games with the homies 🤷🏾‍♂️
TᖇIᒪᒪ GᗩTEᔕ 27 minutes ago:
@KingJbell https://t.co/LzOlQwSrw9 with Young Lonzo pushing the pill
TᖇIᒪᒪ GᗩTEᔕ 28 minutes ago:
🗣 https://t.co/gtXBBnzO29
TᖇIᒪᒪ GᗩTEᔕ 30 minutes ago:
#MobbDeepForever https://t.co/Nthc4qvo2u
TᖇIᒪᒪ GᗩTEᔕ 31 minutes ago:
@JRonMelrose Lmfoa
TᖇIᒪᒪ GᗩTEᔕ 44 minutes ago:
On the mic! 😂😩 https://t.co/ZT2T5FMaPn
TᖇIᒪᒪ GᗩTEᔕ 44 minutes ago:
👀 https://t.co/SdNNhn1hvs
TᖇIᒪᒪ GᗩTEᔕ 58 minutes ago:
@piccolinaxo @DominicCarter Its safe to assume all parties have expectations..
TᖇIᒪᒪ GᗩTEᔕ 1 hour ago:
@Jlolita8 Legend! https://t.co/9MOpgNcS0w
TᖇIᒪᒪ GᗩTEᔕ 1 hour ago:
"We" going bro https://t.co/0QjjV4RBeo
TᖇIᒪᒪ GᗩTEᔕ 1 hour ago:
Only when you come 😂🙌🏾 https://t.co/0rmPd4WjBv
TᖇIᒪᒪ GᗩTEᔕ 1 hour ago:
@TonyMcCjr Man I'm gonna go to a game
TᖇIᒪᒪ GᗩTEᔕ 1 hour ago:
Young Joc https://t.co/FDOJXj6Xrx
TᖇIᒪᒪ GᗩTEᔕ 1 hour ago:
Dodgers took last night off. Fatigue on sweeping 3 series in a row..We back tonight tho
TᖇIᒪᒪ GᗩTEᔕ 1 hour ago:
Cool..#LAKESHOW still got the city https://t.co/pXSCOrEpJ1
TᖇIᒪᒪ GᗩTEᔕ 2 hours ago:
@DominicCarter @piccolinaxo You mean brought by women
TᖇIᒪᒪ GᗩTEᔕ 2 hours ago:
#WhenTheHennyKicksIn 🥃 https://t.co/TKgzqUBd04
TᖇIᒪᒪ GᗩTEᔕ 2 hours ago:
RT @Phil_Lewis_: This is the official "I live for drama" gif. https://t.co/msPgjWlrCg

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