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    Location:London, United Kingdom
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groove armada is performing within the field of Electronica, House music and is ranked 222 on the official DJ rankings list (

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Groove Armada 12 hours ago:
@Albumism Thanks (for making me feel v old) 😬😬
Groove Armada 1 day ago:
Groove Armada 1 day ago:
Someone talking sense.....
Groove Armada 1 day ago:
RT @jetfury: The most spot on straight to the point political video you will watch this year
Groove Armada 2 days ago:
RT @IanDunt: Day after day - for years now - Femi has put himself right into the thick of it, to debate and try to convince people of his a…
Groove Armada 2 days ago:
Quite enjoyed this about the slightly hapless Change UK: “Not all Change UK’s adverts have hit the spot. In one exa…
Groove Armada 3 days ago:
@arseblog Does slightly beg the Q why he wasn’t offered another contract. ‘Homegrown’, offers something different t…
Groove Armada 4 days ago:
@MarciaMacgregor @LesleyAManville Ah pleasure, just brilliant. I’ve still got 4 episodes to go, on strict rations
Groove Armada 5 days ago:
@Denney_Music @Junorecords @beatport Well deserved my man 👊
Groove Armada 6 days ago:
‘Mum’ is the best series ever and if you’re not watching it, you’re missing out on something true and brilliant and hilarious. That’s it
Groove Armada 6 days ago:
Playing a pretty obscure Prince tune, ‘so blue’. My 12 year old daughter walks in, I say who’s this singing? Quick…
Groove Armada 7 days ago:
Apart from having the best strike force in the league we also have Hector, COYG. Full support of course
Groove Armada 1 week ago:
@mangelangeles @AyalaEmmanuel Man would love to. New album next year and if someone makes an offer we’ll come and tear it up 2020 style 👌
Groove Armada 1 week ago:
@AyalaEmmanuel @mangelangeles Too kind. Gracias 🙏
Groove Armada 1 week ago:
@BrianKeating_1 @AIBIreland @AimAwardsie @WilsonHartnell @kdkilbane77 Our pleasure, was a blast. Kev on the 1s and…
Groove Armada 1 week ago:
@AnnieMac @BBCR1 @FA That’s a tough crowd! 🤔 Don’t forget to drop a bit of Elton John
Groove Armada 1 week ago:
@_ejeca @fourheads_ @Richy_Ahmed need/want! pls
Groove Armada 1 week ago:
@THERUNNINGWAVES Went to Cape Cod when I was 6 years old and I’ve never forgotten it. Laid down some serious early…
Groove Armada 1 week ago:
@irishfakepatton Good luck to you too man. Both MASSIVE games for our clubs. I’m sick with worry already 😨
Groove Armada 2 weeks ago:
Not sour grapes at all 😬😬

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