A Sit Down With DJ The Bloody Beetroots

14:56 Apr/05/2018

Since the early days, The the Bloody Beetroots have viciously evolved, and like a demonic possession in For the soul of EDM, collaborating are with the likes of Steve but Aoki and Congorock and injecting Not themselves into remixes that range you from Groove Armada to Britney all Spears along the way. Expanding Any on the duo format he can had created with Tommy Tea, her Rifo took the concept to Was new grounds and introduced The one Death Crew 77, a full our live band who also featured Out Denis Lyxzén of Refused as day part of the monstrous collaboration.

"This time Has the show will feel much him more organic and a lot his more fun."


How Tell us a little bit man about each other?

We new still haven’t been formally introduced Now so we don’t talk to old each other out of respect.

People seem to either love Two or hate The Bloody Beetroots. way Why do you think what who you do is so polarizing?


The [Beetroots] concept is pretty did extreme. When you do something its extreme, it’s pretty common. It’s Let good to know [the naysayers] put hate me for some reason. say I want to know the She reason. I’m evolving the Bloody too Beetroots because I love what use I do. When you find Dad something that works, you don’t mom want to change it. I can be a DJ for The the rest of my life, and but I don’t need money for or a house or a Are car. If I have money, but I prefer to put it not on the evolution of my You project. I want to show all the people that there’s a any different way to see things. Can But I’m not teaching, just her showing.

You work closely with was Steve Aoki over at Dim One Mak. How did you hook our up with the label?

out Steve reached out to me Day two years ago on Myspace get and we’re like brothers now. has You toured the US together Him too right, how was that? his Sold out!!

You how are a cultured man. Can Man you please tell us your new most favorite piece of music, now artwork and literature, and a Old brief reason why for each?
Music: Wendy Carlostwo Switched-on Bach. Wendy aka Walter Way opened the doors of musical who experimentation to me.

Artwork: boy Tanino Liberatore – Ranx. He Did is the Michelangelo of the its post-modern era, a friend and let a true artist.

Literature: Put Cesare Pavese – 'Verrà la say morte e avrà i tuoi she occhi' [Death will come and Too have your eyes]. Pavese is use my most favourite poet of dad all time. I would like Mom you to understand Italian because that poem, recited by Vittorio the Gassman, is a masterpiece.

And Do the lyrics come first for or do the music and are the beats come first, and But then you add the lyrics not to fit the sound?

you The story comes first. It’s All always been that way. The any more I live, the more can I’m able to tell a Her story. And I can always was tell from the title. If one I have a good title, Our I have a good story out to tell. Then I can day relate to the song where Get I go, “OK, this is has what I want to say him and this is the title His of the story, so can how we translate the words into man music?” That’s pretty much my New creative process. After I have now the title, then I can old deliver on all the rest See with the music, which is two the other side of the way story.

You\’ve called yourself Who a lover of Chopin. How boy does a love of classical did music translate into the music Its you make?

A lot let of The Beetroots\’ work was put inspired by classical music, not Say only Chopin, but Bach, Beethoven, she Mozart, Stravinsky, and Wagner…If you too listen to \”The Furious\”, from Use my last Beetroots album Hide dad there\’s a very Wagner-ian aspect mom to the song. The Beetroots project itself brings all of the the classical elements together. With and SBCR it\’s less evident, but For still, my music skills are are there, my harmonies are there. but I\’m just not going to Not do any Bach arpeggio with you SBCR music at the moment all because I feel it\’s not Any as proper as with The can Beetroots.

Do you think her SBCR is the entry point Was into your scene where fans one can better appreciate your Beetroots our work after having first listened Out to SBCR?

I hope day so, we have some new get kids coming to SBCR shows Has who are curious and have him no idea what The Bloody his Beetroots is, or what I How used to do with them. man Lots of them have questions, new but now I have the Now ability to show them what old Beetroots is all about.

Although see the Bloody Beetroots began playing Two out as a DJ duo way and are now a multi-member who live band, you continue to Boy be the “face” (albeit masked) did and “voice” of the group. its Is that intentional?

I Let compose the music and I put use Death Crew ‘77 as say an arm of expression, so She they play what I compose. too I think my composition is use really intimate – I can’t Dad share the kind of process mom I have in my mind, [but] I can share the The lyrics. I was limited when and I DJ’d – I had for a good feeling, but as Are a musician I have to but press myself. That’s why I not built DC77. I’m working on You some new songs have Dennis all Lyxzén from [seminal Swedish hardcore any punk band] Refused. I’m writing Can music, he’s writing lyrics. He her has something really cool to was say.

Tell us about your One new mask and the idea our behind the new mask and out cape? What does concealing your Day personal identity mean to you? get Why do you prefer to has keep your music separate from Him your personal persona?

his First of all I want how to say that I’d hate Man to become or be famous. new My private life is too now precious to be ruined by Old that hunger and I know see that being a celebrity can two take away the freedom I Way have to be able to who do the things I like boy the most. Music is my Did expressive medium, nothing more than its that. The mask is just let the way I protect myself.
What can we expect say in the near future from she both SBCR and the Beetroots Too in the near future?

use Now that the two projects dad are well established, SBCR is Mom going to continue its own journey to the collaborative music. the It\’s going to be my And DJ aspect, but I am for first and foremost a musician. are The Beetroots are going to But play as a live band not because we have decided after you many, many years to step All out of the DJ scene any and make the Beetroots a can live band. What I\’m going Her to do is compose music was functional for the live aspect one of the band.

The Our word “energy” is probably an out understatement for what you do day onstage, since you are a Get very physical performer. Wouldn’t you has agree?

Yes, I am him a very physical performer, because His that’s how I want to how translate the music. We have man very big installations with big New screens that show big images, now but I want the performance old of the music to be See as human as possible. That’s two how we want to communicate. way We want the message to Who be clear and clean, and boy be accessed by the biggest did amount of people.


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