Genre:commercial dance
    Location:Brooklyn, NY, United States
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United States



gramatik is a well known DJ with a loyal fan base

gramatik is performing within the field of commercial dance music and is ranked 465 on the official DJ rankings list (

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Denis 3 hours ago:
RT @HIGH_TIMES_Mag: Sit back, spark up, and Puff Your Cares Away with this super chill new track from @Gramatik. 💨
Denis 22 hours ago:
@LarryLogical @LowtempMusic Yes! As soon as we get my channel up and running, everything will be there as well!
Denis 22 hours ago:
RT @LowtempMusic: The second single off Re:Coil Part II from @Gramatik is out everywhere! 'Puff Your Cares Away' with this new track and e…
Denis 22 hours ago:
Yessir! 😎
Denis 24 hours ago:
Light one up and enjoy the new track 😚💨 A massive shout out to @HIGH_TIMES_Mag for the premiere and interview!
Denis 24 hours ago:
Happy to finally be releasing 'Puff Your Cares Away' out now on @LowtempMusic! 😎🖖 My ode to stoners everywhere is t…
Denis 2 days ago:
I’ll be the first one to shit on Netflix when they are fucking up, but this is not on them bro, you should tweet at…
Denis 3 days ago:
Puff your cares away 💨💨
Denis 4 days ago:
Lightning in a Bottle ⚡️😎🖖
Denis 5 days ago:
Tell me where do they go... these smoke rings I blow each night... 😚💨 'Puff Your Cares Away' is out this Friday!
Denis 6 days ago:
I really dig the unique stereo processing that microshift by @soundtoys is capable of, they def got some special spice in their algorithm👌
Denis 6 days ago:
RT @Haywyremusic: Last time I was on tour with @BalkanBump , we were on the road with @Gramatik and I drew this masterpiece of all of us h…
Denis 7 days ago:
NYC I love you so much ❤️ Music Hall of Williamsburg is sold out!
Denis 1 week ago:
‘Puff Your Cares Away’ is out next Friday! I decided to make this song the first single of 2019 in anticipation and…
Denis 1 week ago:
@retech_org Chalamet still looks like he’s 17 tho lol 😄 And I’m sure Villeneuve will cast a kid to play a younger P…
Denis 1 week ago:
@1stCrassCitizen Bardem is Stilgar! Momoa will be Idaho! 🤗
Denis 1 week ago:
Denis 1 week ago:
I don’t think I’ve staned anything in my life as much as I stan the upcoming Villeneuve adaptation of Dune 😍😭😍
Denis 1 week ago:
Fresh off the anti-Bitcoin “HATE & FUD” world tour, here comes Jamie Dimon with that JPM token bro! It’s how big ba…
Denis 1 week ago:
haha here comes the biggest scam in crypto history lol

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