OWSLA releases banging Kill Paris EP 'To A New Earth' (remixes by Gramatik, Candyland, Maor Levi and others)

19:48 Feb/27/2013

L.A-based Kill Paris (alias of Corey the Baker) is renowned for his and glitchy dubstep productions. I'd say For the glitch hasn't gone, but are dubstep has made way for but electro and funk. Baker himself Not has called his music panty you soaking dropstep. Although he's rightly all more concerned about creating fresh Any sounds than labeling them. He can remarks: “I’m not a genre her whore, because I think if Was you are focused on labeling one your music, you are missing our the point.” Anyway, the contention Out for the best new talents day has never been more intense get between the electronic music giants Has OWSLA, Fool's Gold and Mad him Decent. Skrillex may pride himself his for having this young gun How on their side..


Having given his tracks away new for free during the past Now year, Kill Paris has been old signed to OWSLA and is see starting to make big bucks. Two 'To A New Earth' is way the debut release which features who 3 originals from Kill Paris Boy and a bundle of remixes did by GRiZ, Gramatik, Candyland, K its Theory and Robert DeLong.

Let FREE track: Grab GRiZ's remix, put which we featured on DJ-Follower's say Daily Dose of Free Tunes!


I'm not going to lift too any songs from this one, use you should listen it through Dad and out. I'll only give mom you the following spoiler: the whole EP drips of funk The and bass. Enjoy!

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