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    Genre:Drum & Bass, Open Format
    Location:Wallsall, United Kingdom
    Date of birth:1965-09-19
918 official dj-rankings.com

United Kingdom



goldie is an experienced DJ who is aspiring to take on the global DJ scene

goldie is performing within the field of Drum & Bass, Open Format music and is ranked 918 on the official DJ rankings list (www.djrankings.org).

goldie is 54 years old, and his zodiac is Virgo.

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GOLDIE 3 minutes ago:
RT @metalheadzmusic: A small selection of photos from our Talkin' Headz screening at Rio Cinema with @comm_une a couple of weeks back. Big…
GOLDIE 2 hours ago:
RT @beatport: Our 'Artist of the Week' played a core role in the Milan drum & bass scene before relocating to London, whose eclectic produc…
GOLDIE 5 days ago:
RT @metalheadzmusic: A month on and we're missing the sun, sea and sounds of @OutlookFestival! Relive our epic Saturday at the festival wh…
GOLDIE 1 week ago:
RT @metalheadzmusic: 🔊 Full set times incl. MCs. 🎤 Last chance to grab a ticket: https://t.co/kXWWPHTrFk 🔥🔥🔥 https://t.co/rUc1goQI5j
GOLDIE 2 weeks ago:
RT @metalheadzmusic: 25 Years of Metalheadz - Episode 4 - Photek What needs to be said about @photek? A guy that gave us so many special t…
GOLDIE 2 weeks ago:
RT @beatport: Our Label Of The Month is @metalheadzmusic, celebrating a stunning 25 years of leading the drum & bass scene. Launched by the…
GOLDIE 2 weeks ago:
RT @metalheadzmusic: We're in Manchester tonight with a great lineup put together by @marcusintalex_musicfoundation 🙌 head over to their we…
GOLDIE 3 weeks ago:
RT @metalheadzmusic: 25 Years of Metalheadz - Episode 3 - Detboi @iamdetboi flung himself into the limelight in 2016 with his 1st Headz EP…
GOLDIE 3 weeks ago:
RT @metalheadzmusic: A superb blend from @zerotdnb ahead of 25 Years of Metalheadz at Printworks on 5th October - featuring flavours old an…
GOLDIE 3 weeks ago:
RT @onsetfullfat: Very proud to welcome @mrgoldie to thebassicagency ! . . . @metalheadzmusic constellate_talent https://t.co/y3FX9HvAc0
GOLDIE 3 weeks ago:
RT @Mr_Dave_Haslam: Last time I saw @MrGoldie he seemed happy with his gift from me (he's in that book, one of the middle chapters, starrin…
GOLDIE 3 weeks ago:
RT @eddyTM: The real star of the show here is @MRGOLDIE - that Ltd Edition @metalheadzmusic T-Shirt!! https://t.co/voHjYwck93
GOLDIE 3 weeks ago:
RT @McrSweetnothing: What a top day yesterday at @themancunianspray such a lovely event with so many talented artists! Get down to projekts…
GOLDIE 3 weeks ago:
@example Thank fuck 😂😂😂
GOLDIE 3 weeks ago:
RT @ArmanniReign: When you enter my home and see this hanging in my living room, I will happily explain to you why these memories were beyo…
GOLDIE 3 weeks ago:
RT @JunglistPlatoon: #Repost @djmachete ・・・ Shout out to my G @mrgoldie on his birthday today! Before there was a @RespectClub night, our @…
GOLDIE 3 weeks ago:
RT @thecolonelmc: @method1 @MRGOLDIE @YouTube Truly the most epic and diverse DnB album of them all. While we're praising Goldie, I'll add…
GOLDIE 3 weeks ago:
RT @NewsfromBedlam: Happy birthday to two creatures of excess and success @nilerodgers and @MRGOLDIE - we loves the both of ya. https://t.c…
GOLDIE 3 weeks ago:
@DownByDfault ❤️❤️❤️❤️😍💗
GOLDIE 3 weeks ago:
RT @DownByDfault: Happy Birthday to my other favorite Virgo and long time soul traveler @MRGOLDIE ♥️👑✨🙏🏼✨ Puttin’ up BIG numbaz!!! 🤩👀 https…

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