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Gareth Emery is one of the leading disk jockeys in the world.

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Gareth Emery 18 hours ago:
Singapore tonight! Who’s ready? 👊🏻🔥
Gareth Emery 1 day ago:
New one from @BenGoldMusic out now on @Garuda_Music - Sapphire! Link:
Gareth Emery 2 days ago:
BOOM! Omnia Day Club Bali tonight! 👊🏻🔥
Gareth Emery 3 days ago:
Kuala Lumpur - Playing Fuze Club tonight, let’s go! 👊🏻
Gareth Emery 5 days ago:
BOOM 👊🏻🔥 BOSTON! See you in September @RoyaleBoston. Tickets:
Gareth Emery 7 days ago:
LOW TICKET WARNING! Los Angeles - tonight’s #OpenXClose show at Academy is about to sell out! 50 tickets left, grab…
Gareth Emery 1 week ago:
Los Angeles! 5 hour #OpenXClose set tonight at Academy 👊🏻
Gareth Emery 2 weeks ago:
Tribute to Avicii in Las Vegas with @emhewitt. Definitely shed a tear for this one. Tim once described his music t…
Gareth Emery 2 weeks ago:
Saving Light with @HALIENE live in San Francisco to 8500 beautiful Bay Area trance heads ❤️⁣⁣ ⁣⁣ Watching this is g…
Gareth Emery 2 weeks ago:
Another one, these earthquakes need to fuck off
Gareth Emery 2 weeks ago:
What songs do I need to learn? Got a new guitar this week (this is my new hobby) and ALL I CAN REMEMBER IS FUCKING…
Gareth Emery 3 weeks ago:
These two got engaged last night at the Montreal show and whilst I’m not generally into interrupting the music, I’m…
Gareth Emery 3 weeks ago:
I like the music I make now. If you genuinely hate everything I’ve made since 2009 that’s ALL GOOD but don’t stress…
Gareth Emery 3 weeks ago:
Ok, I admit I am being a kill joy here but I cringe to fuck every time I see a song specially written to make the c…
Gareth Emery 3 weeks ago:
RT @Armada: We are hosting our own stage at @BalenBlanc festival! Join us via: @arminvanbuuren @garethemery @ZACK_M…
Gareth Emery 4 weeks ago:
RT @asot: Kyiv, your energy was unbelievable! Relive Saturday night with a few of our favorite photo highlights. Next up is Bay Area, are y…
Gareth Emery 4 weeks ago:
What a moment. I haven’t played Ukraine for over 7 years so to come back and play everything I’ve written since the…
Gareth Emery 4 weeks ago:
Live right now from #ASOTKYIV #ASOT900 💥 👉 Let's do this 👊
Gareth Emery 4 weeks ago:
My @asot Kyiv set will be live streamed tonight 👊 Make sure to tune in!
Gareth Emery 4 weeks ago:
oh my god this video literally mentions every single thing I hate about the internet. FUCKING AMAZING. @johnbbeta

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