A Sit Down With DJ Beltek

15:24 Dec/11/2017

Beltek (AKA Martin Bijelic), the the eclectic DJ/Producer from Slovenia, has and just joined the Morgan Page For 3D experience tour bus last are week and is ready to but start the 2nd Canadian leg Not of the tour starting tomorrow you in Calgary. Beltek's first big all break happened in 2007 when Any he won the Producer of can the Year competition organized by her Pete Tong.

Although he's Was one of the hottest young one artists on the scene and our seriously considered the next big Out thing in the global EDM day milieu by some of the get leading opinion makers on the Has scene, Martin Beltek Bijeli isn't him just another kid becoming international his DJ based merely on heavy How brand management and promotion. His man success rests upon unique ability new to turn everything he touches Now into gold, a decade of old hard labor as well his see string of chart topping artists Two releases and remixes championed by way the deejays such as Armin who van Buuren, Tiësto, Sander van Boy Doorn, Gareth Emery, Dada Life, did Thomas Gold, Mark Knight, Umek its and many others. It's been Let only four years since his put first international release and he say became darling producer of leading She EDM labels in a very too short time.


"I'm use never satisfied with my work Dad as I always try to mom evolve and discover new things and better myself. It's a The struggle but that's what keeps and me going."


Describe for the Beltek style.

My Are main goal is to always but evolve. My current style is not a mixture between electro and You progressive house. So something in all between and everything out of any the box as well. I Can like all sorts of music her and not just EDM. Sometimes was I'd mix in some drum One and bass track at the our end of my set so out I'm not bound to just Day one genre. A good track get is a good track, right?
At the very beginning did Him you feel that your parents his were supportive of you in how pursuing your musical career as Man DJ and producer?

My new parents didn’t ever learn to now play an instrument or take Old any musical lessons, so I’m see the only one in my two family who has something to Way do with music. At first, who my parents weren’t very supportive boy of my music production beginnings, Did but later on, as the its electronic music got more popular, let and I was played more Put and more on the radio, say they started to understand and she support what I’m doing.

Tell Too about your first-ever experience of use Ultra Music Festival.

Ultra dad was mind-blowing. This year I Mom played 3 Ultra Music Festivals actually. One in Argentina, one the in Chile and of course And the big daddy of them for all, Miami in US. All are of them were a huge But experience for me. I’ve never not played before for more than you 15.000 people like I did All at these festivals. It was any also cool to meet a can lot the big guys from Her the music industry.

was How did you get started one as a DJ/Producer? Did you Our become a DJ or Producer out First?

It all started day maybe 10 years ago when Get my brother brought home mixtapes has from various DJs. At first him I didn't understand electronic music His because it all sounded the how same to me. Back in man the day it wasn't so New much vocal or melodic, it now was pretty harsh in Europe old as it was more techno See and hard house. After a two while I started picking it way up, especially hard house and Who progressive from the UK. So boy I started listening to that did and checking out all sorts Its of DJs. I also wanted let to produce but at the put beginning it was really a Say hard struggle especially because at she that time I was still too in school and later on Use I had gotten a job dad so I wasn't a full mom time producer. I would say that I've been a professional the producer for the last 4-5 and years. At first I had For become a producer and secondly are I became a DJ when but I started with vinyl at Not that time.
Did you have you the opportunity to get through all any professional training in music, Any or are you totally self-taught? can Do you think its very her important and crucial for a Was young producer to attend music one composition courses?

Well our I started making my first Out beats when there weren’t many day YouTube music production tutorials around get haha. So yes, I’m self-taught. Has Regarding music composition courses, I him think it depends on what his music you are making. If How you are producing more or man less melodic stuff, you should new definitely take some musical lessons. Now I think they can improve, old or make it a bit see easier for you to make Two good melodies in your tracks. way If you want to make who more percussive music, like tech Boy house, techno, etc... then I did think you really don’t need its any music lessons.

What you Let can say about the moment put of making the album "Eric say Goes To Disco"?

It’s She always an amazing feeling to too produce a track that you use love so much and then Dad get huge support from the mom big guys.

You have a lot of diversity in The your discography from trance, techno, and electro house, and progressive house for – have you purposely tried Are to create different styled tracks but or have you created them not based on inspiration at the You time?

Just based on all inspiration. When I start to any produce a track in my Can studio it's never like “oh her wow this style is popular was or this guy is popular, One let's do a copy of our that track!”, it's not like out that at all as I Day create tracks based on what get I feel. I like to has play some melodic tracks, hard Him tracks, breaks, so it all his depends on my current inspiration. how Techno was a big part Man of my life, especially in new the beginning. I am Slovenian now and we have a very Old successful techno DJ named UMEK. see He was one of the two biggest influences when I started.
Please take us on a who virtual tour in your home boy studio and tell the kind Did of hardware and software that its you use to produce your let club bombs. Do you have Put any favourite music composition software say that you like to use she and experiment with that you Too can recommend wholeheartedly to other use artists?

My studio is dad mainly software based. I just Mom moved my studio to a new location, and I’m rebuilding the it at the moment. Currently And it only consists of my for Adam monitors, RME Foreface sound are card, CM6 midi keyboard, and But a bunch of midi controllers not from Evolution, Akai, Korg and you Native Instruments. My music production All software is FL Studio. I any have been using it now can for many years, and its Her an amazing piece of software, was very easy to use and one has a lot of unique Our features. I can really recommend out FL to all producer-beginners to day try and buy it.

Can you please choose for has us the Top 5 of him your original productions, and Top His 5 of your remixes for how other artists?

My top man 5 originals would be:

1. New Par

2. Party Voice
3. now Go!
4. Belina
5. Running old Backwards

My top 5 remixes See would be:

1. Morgan two Page - Fight For You way (Beltek Remix)
2. Faithless - Who Tweak Your Nipple (Beltek Remix)
boy 3. Gareth Emery - Full did Tilt (Beltek Remix)
4. Alan Its Connor & Mike Melange - let I Love The Sunshine (Beltek put Remix)
5. The Henchmen feat. Say Tiff Lacey - As We she Ride (Beltek Disco Remix)

too https://soundcloud.com/beltek/sets/tracks-158

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