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eptic is a well known DJ with a loyal fan base

eptic is performing within the field of Dubstep music and is ranked 374 on the official DJ rankings list (www.djrankings.org).

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Excision 10 hours ago:
. @BassCanyon is gonna be extra wild this year! I’m doing a full blown Excision set, a Detox set, and a special B2B… https://t.co/r4MIT7gxBQ
Excision 18 hours ago:
@_lexus00 Call Frontgate they will help :)
Excision 19 hours ago:
@chelsea_c7 ❤️
Excision 1 day ago:
@chelsea_c7 Pretty sure I’ve liked 59 of your tweets by now and retweeted you plenty so I’m sure it will happen at LL :)
Excision 1 day ago:
@diontimmermusic ;)
Excision 1 day ago:
Grateful for every Headbanger that came to rage at the kineticFIELD! Shout out to everyone that watched the live st… https://t.co/chpA9i9uwx
Excision 1 day ago:
RT @lost_lands: Jurassic Glamping is 75% sold out!! ⚠️🦖 Enjoy electricity in a bell tent, a bed or cots, air-conditioned bathrooms & showe…
Excision 2 days ago:
@DrewPereira22 @TexasEDMFamily @DallasEDMFamily Haha awesome!
Excision 3 days ago:
@crankdat Didn’t invent them but if we get the tech to bring them back to life I’m ready to drop everything to make it happen hahaha
Excision 3 days ago:
RT @ItsYeBoiPablo: ALL I DROP IS G SHIT @Excision https://t.co/y9eA1VpZUC
Excision 3 days ago:
🔥🔥🔥🙅🏻‍♂️🔥🔥🔥 https://t.co/uXjDyI6bvB
Excision 3 days ago:
RT @lost_lands: [email protected] has already had a busy year having released his Demented EP and killing it on the Apex Tour. Now for the thi…
Excision 3 days ago:
RT @whalesfm: I'm not crying because @Excision played my newest track in @EDC_LasVegas https://t.co/WdRjIETRrH
Excision 4 days ago:
@CorrvptCriminal @Saladbar20 Yeah that’s dope af plz send :)
Excision 4 days ago:
RT @alliebear1111: My friend has never been to a rave/festival. I made this @BassCanyon playlist for her to get to know each artist. Though…
Excision 4 days ago:
@Sabrinabruk Nope!
Excision 4 days ago:
Left Vegas in shambles! 🔥 🎥: @JG_Content_ https://t.co/eYJDQU3c4O
Excision 5 days ago:
RT @crankdat: Thanks @Excision for playing Welcome to the Jungle at EDC ⚙️🔥 https://t.co/7PO9Zpnax2
Excision 5 days ago:
@mgoldy17 @lost_lands Probably yeah ;)
Excision 5 days ago:
RT @FransisDerelle: Wowzers, some unreleased Franny mainstage at EDC 😭 Thank you @Excision https://t.co/Vv4Dv9Dw2o

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