Location:Waasmunster, Belgium
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eptic is a world famous DJ who has global recognition

eptic is performing within the field of Dubstep music and is ranked 371 on the official DJ rankings list (www.djrankings.org).

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Excision 3 hours ago:
@OfficialSLIMEZ @JcrKillsIt Send some over will def play them! 🤜🏻
Excision 8 hours ago:
Stoked to announce I will be at Freak Out in Iowa for Halloween weekend! Tix on sale tomorrow! https://t.co/WqdHTkla0q
Excision 12 hours ago:
PNW Headbangers! Are you ready for The Thunderdome!?! Tix/info: https://t.co/m58eJHRQ8f https://t.co/szUoamBTvZ
Excision 22 hours ago:
@sensiblepow3r @woolimusic @SHAQ @AFKdubstep @lost_lands not at all haha
Excision 1 day ago:
@BoBBy_Bandz_ saturday ;)
Excision 1 day ago:
RT @yopkon: “@Excision has given bass music artists and fans the opportunity to feel like they are the main event and not just a second tho…
Excision 1 day ago:
MKE! See you on NYE! Hit https://t.co/FYfvSgbU3o for tix/info! https://t.co/6XWK2psJ1m
Excision 1 day ago:
@DerangedDearly It’s the venues trash team, we have been pushing as hard as we can to get things done but with two… https://t.co/gPv4XliDih
Excision 1 day ago:
@taylvr @LocalRiddimDion We are sending out a team to build a new school next door to your house so you’ll never be… https://t.co/usQKn7aRVQ
Excision 1 day ago:
RT @NESTHQ: Lost Lands 2018: The Grandeur of Excision’s Dubstep Spectacle https://t.co/x1UFxWLDlY https://t.co/tDBINYSmAz
Excision 2 days ago:
RT @_elena34: So @lost_lands has shown me so much. What it feels like to be surrounded by good people that actually care for you, be who yo…
Excision 2 days ago:
Thank you Lost Lands fam! 🎥: @arudzg & @leahsems Track: @spacelaces - Overdrive https://t.co/yCh3VyCkxu
Excision 2 days ago:
RT @RadianceNye: We're bringing in the New Year with @Excision, @ZedsDead, @itsbeargrillz, @Riottenmusic, @Iamwhippedcream, & @spockmusic!…
Excision 3 days ago:
@AnjunaKadeM @noahferro21 @HuskyDesigns1 @KlearRWBY There was no fentanyl water, this is another wild rumor that is not true.
Excision 3 days ago:
@HaveItUrWayBK I didn’t leave lost lands until a few hours ago, so whoever told you that is lying, sorry!
Excision 3 days ago:
Lost Lands Family: https://t.co/mCHOGNRtqB
Excision 3 days ago:
@dreadfulolive Please DM her email so we can reach out, thank you.
Excision 4 days ago:
@Liger_Prince The golf carts were asked by the police and ODOT to stay off the roads so that vehicles can exit, our #1 priority is safety
Excision 4 days ago:
Sorry we didn’t get ya on the updated schedule bro weren’t sure if your flight was gonna make it but i’m stoked we… https://t.co/tdYUjVTEwF
Excision 4 days ago:
@HexCougar it’s an amazing tracks one of my faves right now big up!

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