Genre:Tech House
    Location:Paris, France
506 official




dop is an experienced DJ who is aspiring to take on the global DJ scene

dop is performing within the field of Tech House music and is ranked 506 on the official DJ rankings list (

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Stickybuds 3 days ago:
@TomMisch You rock Tom!
Stickybuds 3 days ago:
@DJThistle01 How do ghosts have their own fest? U playin?
Stickybuds 4 days ago:
@Klabmusic @SoundCloud Serious clown show over at Soundclown.
Stickybuds 5 days ago:
Thanks homey!
Stickybuds 6 days ago:
@PeterSchiff Why don't you donate it you pompous ass.... I can't believe you have such a high net worth and that's…
Stickybuds 7 days ago:
@Fkjmusic Legends. Nice one.
Stickybuds 1 week ago:
Stickybuds 1 week ago:
@AlixPerez @BassCoastFest @gjonesbass See ya there man, looking forward to it.
Stickybuds 1 week ago:
@Klabmusic @iZotopeInc U my dog
Stickybuds 1 week ago:
@illGatesMusic @AstralHarvest @evanslynk @Klabmusic @PKsound Great to see ya buddy, nice set and fun times!
Stickybuds 2 weeks ago:
RT @Westwood_label: The Fractal Forest 2019 Compilation is loaded! 🔥 Pre-Order (Available 7/12):…
Stickybuds 2 weeks ago:
Interview I did for @FutureForestEMF
Stickybuds 2 weeks ago:
@DJThistle01 We had a week of smoke earlier in the spring from a couple big fires up north but none since then. Wou…
Stickybuds 2 weeks ago:
@DJThistle01 It's been raining almost every 2nd day in Calgary since the snow melted. My garden / grass / flowers e…
Stickybuds 2 weeks ago:
@KikoBunOfficial Hey Kiko, I met you with @DJVadim before your set hanging out back stage at @A_rcadia. You guys so…
Stickybuds 2 weeks ago:
It's funny after so many 14 hour flights to Australia, 8 hour UK flights seem to go by so fast now.
Stickybuds 2 weeks ago:
@A_rcadia @GlastoFest Thanks for having me guys, had a great time.
Stickybuds 2 weeks ago:
@thefunkhunters @Electric_Forest Nice work guys, proud of ya.
Stickybuds 2 weeks ago:
@DJVadim @GlastoFest @drsyntaxraps Great seeing ya buddy, had a great time at your set. Thanks for playing my jam. : )
Stickybuds 2 weeks ago:
@mediamonarchy ♡

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