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    Genre:Tech House
    Location:Paris, France
506 official dj-rankings.com




dop has a many loyal fans in his home country

dop is performing within the field of Tech House music and is ranked 506 on the official DJ rankings list (www.djrankings.org).

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Stickybuds 26 minutes ago:
@ChrisIPorter Thank you my friend, super stoked you are enjoying it! Are you coming this week to hang out in the chat?
Stickybuds 26 minutes ago:
RT @ChrisIPorter: @djSTICKYBUDS wins at live streams 💫💥 #differentstrains
Stickybuds 3 hours ago:
@yungbigsister @mrbillstunes Stoked to hear that, thanks for listening.
Stickybuds 11 hours ago:
@LogoDNB @Westwood_label @Defunk_Official @evanslynk @ThieveryCorpDC @eliminatemusic @swindle @dogblood @A_SKILLZ… https://t.co/gJBpva55ZH
Stickybuds 11 hours ago:
@DJ_Brace @Westwood_label @marknorm @fretlessfader Stoked to hear that, definitely next roadtrip material!
Stickybuds 16 hours ago:
RT @SkiiTour: We live on Twitch for the next 2 hours https://t.co/R2jA5JFxBu
Stickybuds 17 hours ago:
@ohhkaneda @mrbillstunes Thanks for listening homey, glad you enjoyed. (I'm Canadian too).
Stickybuds 19 hours ago:
RT @mrbillstunes: new podcast episode up with @djSTICKYBUDS https://t.co/SwrTSpqpNU A good balance of cryptocurrency and DJ talk on this…
Stickybuds 20 hours ago:
@Able8 @Westwood_label @Defunk_Official @evanslynk @ThieveryCorpDC @eliminatemusic @swindle @dogblood @A_SKILLZ… https://t.co/oPocoox1Hi
Stickybuds 20 hours ago:
@mrbillstunes Thanks for having me on homey, really enjoyed our discussion.
Stickybuds 20 hours ago:
Had a really great time being on the @mrbillstunes Podcast. We talk about investing in yourself, Ableton set constr… https://t.co/ixlokTEF6r
Stickybuds 22 hours ago:
RT @A_SKILLZ: Who’s ready for round 5? See you tonight 9pm uk 1pm PDT https://t.co/iVNYOYtkJE https://t.co/6hweH85ehx
Stickybuds 24 hours ago:
@A_SKILLZ @Westwood_label @Defunk_Official @evanslynk @ThieveryCorpDC @eliminatemusic @swindle @dogblood… https://t.co/KnI4AWJIOk
Stickybuds 24 hours ago:
@illGatesMusic Thanks for the great music and share homey! 😍🎶🤜🤛
Stickybuds 24 hours ago:
@PierreSoulmHack @mrbillstunes Thank you brother, I did talk about Ethereum where I said everything except Bitcoin… https://t.co/UxuG6hXMjK
Stickybuds 24 hours ago:
Different Strains show Ep4! https://t.co/ZK4Cmt7gFE Music from - @Westwood_label @Defunk_Official @evanslynk… https://t.co/4JAZeVB04l
Stickybuds 1 day ago:
@SkratchBastid So much to learn, keep killin' it homey... B-b-b-b-barbeque!
Stickybuds 1 day ago:
@Krafty_Kuts Sick!
Stickybuds 1 day ago:
@SkratchBastid I thought you were supposed to set it as high as your system could handle. I have an EGPU so I can p… https://t.co/2R6PVX3r28
Stickybuds 2 days ago:
@dubpistols Morning buddy. Night for me.

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