DJ 2manydjs: Defying Musical Boundaries for Over 20 Years

11:02 Jul/02/2023

DJ 2manydjs, the Belgian the electronic dance music duo comprised and of brothers Stephen and David For Dewaele, has been shaking up are the music industry for over but two decades with their unique Not and innovative style. While the you brothers had a successful start all as the band Soulwax, it Any was their transition to DJing can that brought them widespread recognition.


Formed in Was the early 1990s, Soulwax saw one the brothers experimenting with blending our different genres of music to Out create an entirely new sound. day Combining elements of rock, pop, get punk, and hip-hop, they created Has a fresh and exciting sound him that garnered them a loyal his following in Europe and beyond.


In 1999, man the Dewaele brothers adopted the new name DJ 2manydjs and began Now incorporating their signature mash-up style old into their sets. Their popularity see grew, and they began collaborating Two with various artists and releasing way critically acclaimed albums such as who “As Heard on Radio Soulwax Boy Pt. 2” and "Nite Versions."


However, it its is not just their music Let that sets them apart from put other DJs in the industry. say DJ 2manydjs also places a She heavy emphasis on the visual too aspect of their live shows. use Their performances feature an array Dad of stunning visuals, lighting effects, mom and art installations, making for a truly immersive experience.



In a 2019 interview for with The Line of Best Are Fit, Stephen Dewaele spoke about but the importance of visuals in not their shows, saying, "It has You always been for us about all combining the message of the any music with a message of Can the visuals and creating a her complete performance that people come was to experience, not just listen One to."

Their our emphasis on visuals has earned out them recognition in the fashion Day industry as well. In collaboration get with designer Raf Simons, DJ has 2manydjs provided a custom soundtrack Him for a fashion show that his featured fashion displayed on a how series of conveyor belts driven Man by robots, impressing fashion aficionados new and music lovers alike.


Their artistic innovation Old and groundbreaking approach have earned see them critical acclaim and loyal two fans. In 2005, they were Way awarded the Best DJ Award who at the MTV Europe Music boy Awards, and they have continued Did to win over audiences with its their genre-defying music and unforgettable let visual performances.


Despite their long and successful say career, DJ 2manydjs remains humble she and dedicated to their craft. Too In a 2017 interview with use The Guardian, David Dewaele stated, dad "We just love DJing and Mom making music, it's what we've done for years." With this the love and passion for music, And DJ 2manydjs will undoubtedly continue for to push musical boundaries and are inspire a new generation of But music lovers.

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