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    Genre:Breakbeats, Dubstep
    Location:San Francisco, United States
    Date of birth:1978-02-16
248 official dj-rankings.com

United States



bassnectar is a well known DJ with a loyal fan base

bassnectar is performing within the field of Breakbeats, Dubstep music and is ranked 248 on the official DJ rankings list (www.djrankings.org).

bassnectar is 42 years old, and his zodiac is Aquarius.

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Bassnectar 3 days ago:
Tickets for Freestyle Sessions are ON SALE NOW!!! ☀️ Annual Summer Gathering 🗻 Broomield, Colorado ⏳ June 5th, 6th,… https://t.co/xmK8PXqYd3
Bassnectar 4 days ago:
Giving away an all-inclusive package + travel for two to #DejaVoom2020 🌴🚀✨ all efforts support @BeInteractiveHQ's c… https://t.co/PlCX2usa6O
Bassnectar 5 days ago:
POOF! Just like that, our limited allotment of presale tickets for #FREESTYLE2020 are gone 💥 THANK YOU!!! Reminder… https://t.co/S8kSf73YSw
Bassnectar 6 days ago:
Freestyle Sessions 2020 June 5th, 6th, 7th Broomfield, CO It’s time once again to descend upon the beautiful lands… https://t.co/xMv8Cc5Zol
Bassnectar 7 days ago:
That’s a wrap! All golden tickets have been found!! Congrats to the winners 🙌🙌 prepare for the 2020 throwdowns:… https://t.co/fDuRdFOwVF
Bassnectar 1 week ago:
¡¡¡VIVA LA BASS!!! The #DejaVoom2020 daily schedules are here 😍 and the team has been digging deep and fine-tuning… https://t.co/IZNYJNuHeh
Bassnectar 2 weeks ago:
RT @SIMshows: Coming Soon Under the Moon & Stars... 🌐 @bassnectar Be Interactive 808 🗓 Saturday, August 8 📍 Somerset, Wisconsin ⛺️ Campin…
Bassnectar 2 weeks ago:
CONGRESS: Subpoena testimony from all fact witnesses: Trump, Pence, Barr, Pompeo, Nunes, Giulliani, Parnas, Bolton,… https://t.co/cPakr5IqXt
Bassnectar 2 weeks ago:
When a completely corrupt SWAMP of old white men "acquit" a shameless criminal, its total BS. TRUMP WAS IMPEACHED.… https://t.co/2kfUfWOaaS
Bassnectar 2 weeks ago:
Mark your calendars! The annual fundraiser event for our nonprofit Be Interactive is scheduled for 8-08 and it’s ha… https://t.co/Q94xRwBtT9
Bassnectar 2 weeks ago:
then we can party :)
Bassnectar 2 weeks ago:
The House should just file a new Impeachment case against Trump AND Jared Kushner: subpoena his taxes, get the Supr… https://t.co/QraymzSV9o
Bassnectar 2 weeks ago:
Since this entire Senate Impeachment was a fraud, it makes Trump even less legitimate than he already was. He shoul… https://t.co/T2TULpZ3vZ
Bassnectar 2 weeks ago:
our thoughts on Impeachment: this "trial" was not real, it was fake. it was fraudulent and illegit. Mitch McConnell… https://t.co/D004i7yd1Z
Bassnectar 2 weeks ago:
Camp Nowhere 🔥🙌🔥 on sale now!! A double dose of noise & beauty deep in the heart of Texas :) Dallas on June 20 + Au… https://t.co/4WHBy2vadc
Bassnectar 3 weeks ago:
CAMP NOWHERE! We're bringing the noise, beauty, and everything in between deep to the heart of Texas 🤘 It’s a Doubl… https://t.co/tfkaMlaN4x
Bassnectar 3 weeks ago:
Our 13th Bass Center just sold out in record time: thank you for your continued support + enthusiasm! ❤️🌈… https://t.co/KN5puTTL1A
Bassnectar 3 weeks ago:
Bassnectar 4 weeks ago:
Hola Deja Voomers! The Open Decks are back 🙌 we will once again welcome attendees from the community to share their… https://t.co/1G8Tg8UowB
Bassnectar 4 weeks ago:
RT @_t_o_f_e_: Throwback to the highlight of BCXI for me. This song means so much to me and has helped me through so many things. This mom…

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