Genre:Breakbeats, Dubstep
    Location:San Francisco, United States
    Date of birth:1978-02-16
245 official

United States



bassnectar is an outstanding DJ who has proven a succesful brand on the international scene

bassnectar is performing within the field of Breakbeats, Dubstep music and is ranked 245 on the official DJ rankings list (

bassnectar is 40 years old, and his zodiac is Aquarius.

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Bassnectar 7 hours ago:
RT @Recine13: There is no better feeling than screaming these words with thousands of people I love 💕 Can’t Wait until the mothership 👽🤟🏻@b…
Bassnectar 12 hours ago:
RT @_nicolem_13: freeeeestyle music @bassnectar @bass_network
Bassnectar 13 hours ago:
This is how I roll every time I catch a @CASHMERECAT set into @GanjaWhiteNight - just post up backstage and start t…
Bassnectar 13 hours ago:
Dude yes! @hydraulixdub and @eliminatemusic had that THICK SOUND 🙏🏼🙏🏼🙏🏼
Bassnectar 13 hours ago:
#515Alive was a banger!!! Thanks to the mob for maximizing the throb! We luv yuhhhhhhh ❤️
Bassnectar 16 hours ago:
Now we see who keep tha party live @ZIONI
Bassnectar 16 hours ago:
RT @nolongerbaked: @bassnectar you’re my galaxy...thank you for being youuuuu
Bassnectar 17 hours ago:
Bassnectar 19 hours ago:
Bassnectar 1 day ago:
RT @DATA_BYTE_: Heres my mind on @bassnectar
Bassnectar 1 day ago:
RT @bassnectar: Haha grownups who believe in "the devil" #HHAAHAHAHAHAAHAAA :)
Bassnectar 2 days ago:
@5meo_matt @pcnxo I’ve peeked at the future and it’s bright :)
Bassnectar 2 days ago:
RT @bass_network: Greetings @515AliveFest 🤘👽 the Ambassadors are here + ready to embark on another @bassnectar journey with all of you!! Fl…
Bassnectar 2 days ago:
@austinhayward Naaaaaaaaaah
Bassnectar 2 days ago:
RT @marymooneyham93: @bassnectar Same!
Bassnectar 2 days ago:
RT @Ethanmr909: @bassnectar
Bassnectar 2 days ago:
Sure! Today enjoying music from @shlumpbass @CASHMERECAT @GanjaWhiteNight @hydraulixdub @yhetimusic @DMVUofficial…
Bassnectar 2 days ago:
Nope. I never said I hate christians. You may have said that :) I love many parts of the teachings and try to live…
Bassnectar 2 days ago:
the vision of “Timestretch” is to be like a hummingbird, speed up your rate of perception so time appears to move b…

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