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    Genre:Chill Out, Trance
    Location:York, United Kingdom
300 official dj-rankings.com

United Kingdom



activa is a world famous DJ who has global recognition

activa is performing within the field of Chill Out, Trance music and is ranked 300 on the official DJ rankings list (www.djrankings.org).

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Activa 11 hours ago:
@SteveHelstrip Vinyl please. 😁
Activa 1 day ago:
I really hope @Bandcamp are working on their fan app. The artist one is great but the fan app needs a full on overhaul!
Activa 2 days ago:
I wonder when / if someone is going to make a controller that gives the APC40 mk2 a run for its money. Maybe a mk3… https://t.co/ttdumWaTLp
Activa 3 days ago:
@FCUKTHAAT Ok element of that though - there was definitely more money in music before social media so I’m not sure… https://t.co/8P6Inpd2Hx
Activa 3 days ago:
@FCUKTHAAT I feel an experiment coming on. 😁
Activa 3 days ago:
@Kaeno Haha. It is a bit crazy that some tracks I’ve made can still stand up. Some are utterly horrifying though an… https://t.co/7nVesVz2sd
Activa 3 days ago:
@Kaeno So true.
Activa 3 days ago:
@Kaeno Mate, crazy isn’t it? I just find it mental that it’s like this now.
Activa 3 days ago:
@FCUKTHAAT What’s the systematic issue?
Activa 3 days ago:
@airwavemusic Vinyl and cd. Nothing beats a physical format either as an artist or a listener.
Activa 3 days ago:
@craigdavies128 A few do this but it’s difficult to justify I think. Giving some context, do you think having a web… https://t.co/B103OVRYGO
Activa 3 days ago:
@helg_music Did you find the artist through their social media platform? Or did you find them via something else? A radio show for example.
Activa 4 days ago:
@DJ_Frank_Watson Yeah it does definitely seem so engrained now that there’s no way round it.
Activa 4 days ago:
Can an artist survive without social media? Can new artists really break though without it?
Activa 5 days ago:
@Fu2ramusic Yep. The target has been met to press 200. There’s about 50 left at the moment
Activa 5 days ago:
Loving the @WeAreNovation Peak. Getting sounds out of this thing that are completely blitzing anything else - incre… https://t.co/Ar4ad4juaC
Activa 6 days ago:
@FCUKTHAAT @eldsjal Now that I own a massive part of my back catalogue I’m considering withdrawing it. I’m not a bi… https://t.co/7zo53mE7DV
Activa 6 days ago:
@Mat_Zo @NikoZografos Ah ha! Yeah the guy’s a complete tool. I definitely think technology has had a detrimental ef… https://t.co/q39jer0WRa
Activa 6 days ago:
@Mat_Zo @NikoZografos Interested to hear what angle you’re coming from as your statements are open to a bit of inte… https://t.co/d4xl8i3xOb
Activa 6 days ago:
@SebastianBrandt @Mat_Zo @NikoZografos I might try and put some info together on it. I absolutely don’t know everyt… https://t.co/KY1GDEWSqU

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