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    Genre:Electro House
    Location:Belo Horizonte, 15, Brazil
311 official dj-rankings.com




ftampa is a world famous DJ who has global recognition

ftampa is performing within the field of Electro House music and is ranked 311 on the official DJ rankings list (www.djrankings.org).

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headroom[email protected] 5 days ago:
Big thanks to @psysailing.escape for that ocean oasis experience . Really enjoyed playing music and jamming with ev… https://t.co/Ran5kXIgND
[email protected] 5 days ago:
Men and boys. ❤️ @ Newlands, Western Cape, South Africa https://t.co/zI6eEfFpI4
[email protected] 6 days ago:
@SteinbergMedia heya. Cyber deal links and web pages all not loading. Just a heads up. 🙏🏼
[email protected] 2 weeks ago:
Just posted a photo @ Elephant Point https://t.co/OdyKFImAjB
[email protected] 2 weeks ago:
Just posted a photo https://t.co/Rtj4EBruV2
[email protected] 2 weeks ago:
Bush doof hunting in @krugernationalpark . 🙌 @ Skukuza Restcamp - Kruger National Park https://t.co/Ofz8HE5Kvv
[email protected] 3 weeks ago:
Today marks 10 years for Caterina Toffoli Metcalfe and I. 😊 ♥ It's been a tough year on so many levels but someho… https://t.co/WFPYoiwxlA
[email protected] 4 weeks ago:
Making the most of the gig free weekends with old friends. ❤️ @ Noordhoek, Cape Town https://t.co/jvIZ0LDZ6u
[email protected] 4 weeks ago:
Ah shame. Someone get him a pacifier. Literally the worlds biggest LOSER. America says “you’re fired!” . https://t.co/Uhni0FKyKX
[email protected] 4 weeks ago:
🤣 https://t.co/UzSN2rKWY1
[email protected] 4 weeks ago:
HAHAHAHAHA what a monumental douche. Thank f**k his horrible reality show of presidency is coming to an end. Cheers… https://t.co/A7yUJKtO6i
[email protected] 4 weeks ago:
It’s been an emotional day. The anxiety we’ve felt from America’s crazily close election is real! 😯 @ Noordhoek, Ca… https://t.co/WtV3dqoHWo
[email protected] 4 weeks ago:
Remember to put the shoe on before you take the all the LSD 😂. https://t.co/sHnHogTApn
[email protected] 1 month ago:
Just posted a photo @ Aegir Project • Independent Brewery https://t.co/v3uVlsDe6k
[email protected] 1 month ago:
Just posted a photo @ Cafe Mambo, Bottelary Road, Cape Winelands https://t.co/fY2Rf64VBC
[email protected] 2 months ago:
Just posted a video @ World Wide Web https://t.co/5hjfxzdt6d
[email protected] 2 months ago:
My niece and nephew making pasta for the first time! ❤️ It’s just so much better this way. Who’s tried it? @ Noord… https://t.co/K8jqwsbzAo
[email protected] 2 months ago:
Just a psychedelic sailor and his princess. 👸🏽❤️ @ Stanford, Western Cape, South Africa https://t.co/aeoHhlAIGf
[email protected] 2 months ago:
“STANDFORD’s GOT TALENT” What a blast!! 👏🤣 @ Stanford, Western Cape, South Africa https://t.co/GJi7BTpAHz
[email protected] 2 months ago:
Never has a beer been drunk so slowly. #StanfordsGotTalent https://t.co/b4giglgYtB

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