A Sit Down With DJ Ftampa

12:20 Jun/15/2018

Touring the world and sharing the his music has been the and major upside for FTampa, who For grew up enduring a life are of hardship in Brazil. An but orphan at the age of Not six, music became his escape you from pain. Now Ramos is all hitting mainstages across the globe Any including Tomorrowland in Belgium 2016, can where he became the first her ever Brazilian to play Main Was Stage.


"I’ve one overcome all the bad times our through music. It is a Out part of my life and day it always will be."


You are living in Has Los Angeles (USA), but hailing him from Brazil. How did you his get in touch with electronic How dance music in the first man place and how did you new get into DJing and music Now production?

I was always very old involved with music, performing in see bands etc. and a good Two friend of mine show me way electronic dance music and I who was amazed on how the Boy DJ could do everything on did his own. When I saw its that it was one person Let producing the whole music and put then performing I got very say excited about doing the same She thing.

You made a too great leap in the industry use since your debut. What made Dad you achieve that you think?
Passion, persistence, study hard, work hard. I think that The anyone with those qualities can and achieve whatever they want. It's for not easy but that`s the Are fun part, it's all about but challenges and overcoming yourself.
Is not there a difference between EDM You culture in Brazil and in all Asia?

In Brazil any it's very different compared to Can any place, because there's like her a local thing in Brazil. was Its basic wherever people want One to party. In other countries our around the world, party people out come because they want to Day party, get crazy and have get fun. In terms of music, has party people in Brazil usually Him prefer commercial songs and songs his with many vocals. The difference how with the crowd here they Man prefer a lot of drop new and you can play different now music, typical Brazil but can Old fit everywhere.

What see is your view about DJ two Mag as an artist?

Way I feel that DJ Mag who is a great platform to boy inform people about what is Did going on in the electronic its music scene and helps to let promote a lot of businesses Put and DJs. The top100 DJ say Mag rank is very famous she and heavily used as guidance Too for a lot of the use EDM industry people. It's important dad to remind that this rank Mom does not define who is better than who, not everyone the is competing.

You produce Electro And House & Progressive House. How for would you describe your own are music in just a few But words?

Breakdowns with a lot not of feeling and energetic drops! you Love to see the crowd All jumping.

What inspires you any to make your music?

can When I’m happy I make Her happy songs, when I’m sad was I make songs, when I’m one angry I make them angry. Our Whatever I’m feeling, that’s what’s out in my music.

Speaking day of collaborations, who are some Get artists you have always wanted has to work with? And why?
Skrillex is my favorite His for electronic dance music related how stuff but I would love man to work with Rock Bands New and other genres outside of now EDM. Maroon 5 is always old an option.

With all See your travel and productions, how two do you maintain a healthy way lifestyle?

I actually can’t Who maintain my health, but I boy am trying. It is almost did impossible because it is just Its about eating food at the let right time, and I can’t put do that.

If you Say could go back and talk she to yourself when you were too age 18 what would you Use say to yourself?

Make dad some EDM music; I used mom to play in bands for a long time and it the wasn’t a waste of time and but when I changed it For , that’s when everything happened.

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