Genre:Electro House
    Location:Belo Horizonte, 15, Brazil
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ftampa is an outstanding DJ who has proven a succesful brand on the international scene

ftampa is performing within the field of Electro House music and is ranked 279 on the official DJ rankings list (www.djrankings.org).

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HEADROOM 4 minutes ago:
Fire on the dancefloor all weekend long at… https://t.co/NPKsxnZj1Z
HEADROOM 4 days ago:
Returning to Jozi on June 30th for the… https://t.co/u68hCVTZZT
HEADROOM 1 week ago:
RT @jimjefferies: If you are going to say the word cunt, you better say it with the right accent.
HEADROOM 3 weeks ago:
HEADROOM is playing @ Psymedia | Recess pt.2, District Cape Town South Africa, Sat 26 May https://t.co/Fv1aS24loH #gigs
HEADROOM 4 weeks ago:
https://t.co/72QSp6eSsj https://t.co/4735sStx4U
HEADROOM 4 weeks ago:
Gonna buy some new headphones soon. My… https://t.co/gPFqihBTaF
HEADROOM 4 weeks ago:
@therealsebleger He’s doing the live social media during the set LOL
HEADROOM 4 weeks ago:
With distortion added 9/10 ‘squelch sounds, zaps, crocodile squawks or what ever you call them, simply sound like d… https://t.co/W9Q2Nja2xA
HEADROOM 4 weeks ago:
rezfest carindickson_artescape in CPT, have put… https://t.co/pihQZbAW69
HEADROOM 1 month ago:
The phrase ‘up & coming’ should be reserved strictly for the porn industry. 🧐
HEADROOM 1 month ago:
So sad to hear about Dennis Tapper (AKA: Hux Flux ) passing away. Was with the guy just over 2 weeks ago in Nepal.… https://t.co/GHijajoC60
HEADROOM 1 month ago:
Let’s be real, the best thing about Megan Markle marrying Prince Harry is the painfully soppy relationship on #SUITS will come to an end. 🧐
HEADROOM 1 month ago:
Cape Town massive. I’m dropping psy beats this Friday 18th Nay at ANOMALY , @ District. 👊🚀🔥 https://t.co/NtkiKulwSM https://t.co/T5mD9QoVj6
HEADROOM 1 month ago:
Thankfully it’s been a very long time since I haven’t enjoyed a set.… https://t.co/36Tnthq7qM
HEADROOM 1 month ago:
Life is about balance & days like this are all the more important… https://t.co/lYdj8bSTfI
HEADROOM 1 month ago:
HEADROOM is playing @ Into the Wild | The Woodlands ft. Sphera, The Slaley Forest Stellenbosch Capetown South Afric… https://t.co/nOGS7WmsLK
HEADROOM 1 month ago:
X marks the spot. 📸: @sullphotography 🚀: getrealct https://t.co/LOMz4y4hTt
HEADROOM 1 month ago:
@sullphotography capturing the vibes during my set at getrealct 🇿🇦🔥… https://t.co/kFWQ6nScAH
HEADROOM 1 month ago:
Here’s a selection of personal pictures from my recent trip to the legendary Nepal. Big thanks & love to The 3RD EY… https://t.co/7AsVPYoWD9
HEADROOM 1 month ago:
Hard to believe it was only their 2nd event! getrealct was quality.… https://t.co/gDoQ1ITHye

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