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    Genre:Tech House
    Location:Paris, France
536 official dj-rankings.com




dop is an experienced DJ who is aspiring to take on the global DJ scene

dop is performing within the field of Tech House music and is ranked 536 on the official DJ rankings list (www.djrankings.org).

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Stickybuds 16 minutes ago:
@CamelPhat Digging the new album, played Spektrum on my stream last night... Unfortunately there is pretty stringen… https://t.co/E1RPKz4Y1Z
Stickybuds 16 hours ago:
@mediamonarchy Thanks for the share homey!
Stickybuds 18 hours ago:
Different Strains Ep 25! Live w/ Stickybuds! https://t.co/j7e90Zrxdr
Stickybuds 21 hours ago:
Different Strains is gonna be wicked tonight... SO much good music. 6 PM PST! https://t.co/4ywrXK2YpV
Stickybuds 23 hours ago:
Congrats to my friends @thefunkhunters for working hard and winning an award! https://t.co/ZF1bZTIKNx
Stickybuds 2 days ago:
@willstreetwise Sweet, send the link when it's going!
Stickybuds 2 days ago:
@willstreetwise I miss a good scrumpy cider.
Stickybuds 2 days ago:
@francispouliot_ Haha welcome back.
Stickybuds 2 days ago:
@LayanYTB @AMDRyzen @Serato Thanks Layan! 👨‍🍳
Stickybuds 3 days ago:
I will never tire of watching my 12 Core @AMDRyzen CPU analyze tracks in @Serato. My first laptop was a single core… https://t.co/IstMQwPY87
Stickybuds 3 days ago:
@Westwood_label @thefunkhunters @BigFlowdan 🔫🔫🔫🔫
Stickybuds 3 days ago:
@Kotek_Music index is dooooooope, congrats on the new ep man, sounds sick. @Westwood_label
Stickybuds 3 days ago:
@StevaN2211 @valesports_eu @VALORANTes Biggup! https://t.co/uYjkhraB0V
Stickybuds 3 days ago:
@valesports_eu @PlayVALORANT Thanks for using our tune guys, vid looks wicked! https://t.co/uYjkhraB0V
Stickybuds 3 days ago:
@Zortex_Ez @valesports_eu Thanks man - @thefunkhunters + myself - Empire ft. @BigFlowdan Here's the @Spotify link… https://t.co/5OTVVyMbg4
Stickybuds 3 days ago:
!!!! https://t.co/w8tryHRs7T
Stickybuds 3 days ago:
So sick @riotgames / @PlayVALORANT is using our new song "Empire" in the promo for their upcoming tournament. Biggu… https://t.co/iVIG9jgobc
Stickybuds 4 days ago:
@DJThistle01 That's a nice lookin' loaf.
Stickybuds 4 days ago:
@koalafireball Here's to many more. https://t.co/wXo6TSW46x
Stickybuds 4 days ago:
@koalafireball Thanks Matt, stoked you enjoy. That was the set I played at Shamb in 2014. : )

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