EMC debates 'button pushing' with Laidback Luke, Nina Las Vegas, Goodwill and Sam La More

00:00 Nov/30/1999

Recently, the inaugural Electronic Music Conference was held in Sydney, Australia. There were many interesting panels on a wide variety of subjects. Nina Las Vegas moderated probably the most discussed topic of 2012 - 'Beyond Button-Pushing: What Makes A DJ?' The talk orchestrated by Nina involved experienced DJs Laidback Luke, Goodwill and Sam La More.

The discussion took off after deadmau5's Tumblr post 'We All Hit Play'. He got instant feedback on his outspoken, but terribly written rant. Bassnectar, Mr. C, Guy Called Gerald, A-Trak, Laidback Luke and Jono Grant  of Above & Beyond are some of the more known DJs to give their thoughts on the subject.

This is a really constructive critique of the tendencies which are harmful of the craft of DJing. All the keywords from this years discussions are there - 'fakeing DJ sets', 'pushing play' and 'playing the same pre-recorded set night in, night out'.

So if you want to know what these veteran DJs think about young guys like Avicii, Axwell, Alesso, Steve Aoki, Skrillex, deadmau5 and many more, watch the full debate below!

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