Zac Efron's Going to be DJ

13:13 Sep/22/2014

By now you may have heard that Zac Efron's starring as an aspiring DJ in a new film (yep, we know, another celebrity jumping on the dance music bandwagon). But at least he's preparing for the role with the right people.

Gearing up for We Are Your Friends, a "coming-of-age" story, the former High School Musical dreamboat has been knocking around with Classixx (pictured), the Los Angeles duo behind last year's disco house shiner 'Holding On'.

We're not too sure how his DJing is though, although a video on Classixx's Instagram shows him playing his 'remix' of their track 'A Fax From The Beach'. We doubt this'll push his case for set at Space just yet though.

Still, they claim the "new song's better" and he's been getting some lessons from Alesso too.

Intriguing stuff.



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