Interview: Plasmapool launches new platform Artistportal saying "We created the perfect system!"

09:28 Aug/26/2014

Recently we talked to the head of A&R at Plasmapool label about how to submit demos. Turned out there were much bigger news to be discovered. The prolific Plasmapool Media Entertainment recently launched ARTISTPORTAL - a one stop tool for artists, labels and publishers. The perseverance and relentless work on the project started 7 years ago and continues, as 2.0 version will soon be unveiled.

Watch the intro vid and dig into the interview to find out why Plasmapool had to process 10,000 e-mails in first two weeks of the launch, and issued 4,500 accounts to artists from over 78 countries as a result.

1. There are rumors that you've launched a new service/system/portal/platform for artists? So, what's it called and where can it be found?

Artistportal is a revolution to the entire music industry. After 7 years of development and 3 years of programming, we proudly launched a new software, that is part of our Pro-Tunes project, designed to make the music industry a better place. Artistportal can be reached here.

2. What's the concept in a nutshell?

We provide realtime sales statistics and financial reports to artists, labels and publishers. All participants can now follow sales figures for all their releases in all stores in real-time, even when labels licensed their music to other labels. Additionally, Artistportal provide fully integrated accounting automation, an invoice generator (for artists to issue invoices for their earnings to their labels with ease), precisely listed release dates for all stores, publishing information and many many other useful features...

Artistportal is the fastest sales-reporting product in the industry...well, what can be faster than "real-time"? :)

3. So if I'm an artist working with multiple labels, what can I do now that I couldn't do before? Or should I rather ask, what can I do without, now that there's this new service?

First of all, not a single artist in this industry can see their daily sales in store - most artists don't even see any of their sales at all...if not worse (not getting paid, for example). Just this small part of the package we provide is a revolution on it's own. Furthermore, distributors and labels take months over months to send sales reports and according financial transactions to labels and /or artists. We worked with many distributors and labels before...some didn't even pay at all.

For us, this behaviour was inacceptable. We live in a fully virtual world, where information MUST be available at all times. So why would artists and labels have to wait for their sales information and payments for months or even years?

Artistportal enable artists to observe all their labels they are working with and all stores they release music on, through a very simple interface, to follow track-sales, licensing and release progress in general, which is valuable information, specially for artists - while labels can spend their precious time into marketing and promotion, instead of constant artist communication, painful and time-consuming calculation of sales reports and running after payments their distributors owe them.

3. Are there any similar platforms already out there?

No, nothing even close to our service. We are lightyears ahead of development and we kept it secret for years - and soon, we will launch version 2.0 already, with even more brand new stunning features.

4. So, who can use this new service, and who do you think will be most interested in signing up?

The most beneficial feature is the internal structure of the system, that provide all information and even payments in REAL-TIME. That means, that at the same second a store created sales and payment information, it will be available to artists, publishers and labels without any delay.

Furthermore, with this tool, we  provide artists the possibility to examine credibility of sales and payment reports they receive from their labels (which has always been a great "downer" in this industry and I'm sure most of all artists in this business have had bad experiences with labels before).

And for labels, we provide a monitoring opportunity to check credibility of their reports and payments they receive from their distributors.

We believe, this is interesting (and essential) for everyone working professionally in the music industry - labels, publishers and artists...and after receiving over 10.000 emails from labels and artists within the first 2 weeks after launching Aristportal, we issued over 4.500 accounts to artists from 78 countries already, receiving new requests every day. It's clear now, that we created something, that labels and artists were waiting for all their lives.

5. What's the catch? A registration fee? A percent of earnings to Plasmapool? Spill the beans!

Nope, nothing, no costs, no hidden fees, no nothing. Artistportal was designed as a FREE tool for artists. There are not even promo-banners, advertisement popups, mailings...nothing at all.

"Nope, nothing, no costs, no hidden fees, no nothing. Artistportal was designed as a FREE tool for artists. There are not even promo-banners, advertisement popups, mailings...nothing at all." - Dario Welz

We, acting as a publishing house, programmed this service for ourselves, in the first place. But it turned out to be such a BANGER and the response from our artists was so overwhelming, that we wanted to share it with more than just our own artists. So we decided to give it out for free :)

6. Do you plan on further expanding the possibilities?

In addition to the current effort in updating Artistportal with incredible new features, a second team is finalizing and testing the "counterpart" to Artistportal at present...but I cannot tell you any's all top secret until launch - but hell yeah, worth the wait!

We've been working with both systems for a while now and our general workload for both - running a label/publishing house and handling artist conernes (accounting, labelling, promotion, etc) - reduced to a tiny percentage to what it was before. We can now focus most of our time on promotion and marketing, instead of content handling, accounting and answering emails. All our artists have direct access to their daily sales quotes and can finally adapt their own promotional efforts to the actual response coming in directly from the market. Everyone involved is ultimately able to see, whether their songs work or not, if customers like that new release or not - they do not have to wait up to a year to find out, if their efforts were successful or not. This opens up marvellous new ways of creating marketing strategies and our own sales quotes and chart success prove this system indispensable for any label and artist releasing music professionally in this industry!

7. Where do you see Artistportal in 5 years?

In 5 years,  ARTISTPORTAL and PRO-TUNES will be the center point of all music industry related action between artists, labels, publishers, collecting societies, agencies, managements and even fans and music lovers - or in other words, quoting TRON:  "WE CREATED THE PERFECT SYSTEM!"

Thank you for taking the time to talk to DJ-Follower!

Find Artistportal here:

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