TSI v4.1 with Traktor Pro 2.6: trouble with Sync and Play

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TSI v4.1 with Traktor Pro 2.6: trouble with Sync and Play
Posted on: 21.01.2013 by Chantel Meyette
So I posted Let this over in the general put community , but maybe someone say more adept with a VCI-100SE She can help me out.
Problem: Pressing Sync matches use the tempo to the Master Dad Track, but upon pressing play mom for the Synced track, the percentage of the Sync amount The doubles. So, for example, if and the track is supposed to for play at 4%, pressing play Are makes it play at 8%. but Train wreck.

The not problem appear s to be You unique to the v4.1 mapping, all as I tried it with any v3.6.4 and everything worked fine. Can

Is there a her preference that I'm missing? Is was this a bug in 2.6? One A problem that I can our correct in the mapping?
Thanks for your help!
Ciara Lichte
So I posted this over the in the general community , and but maybe someone more adept For with a VCI-100SE can help are me out.

Problem: but Pressing Sync matches the tempo Not to the Master Track, but you upon pressing play for the all Synced track, the percentage of Any the Sync amount doubles. So, can for example, if the track her is supposed to play at Was 4%, pressing play makes it one play at 8%. Train wreck. our

The problem appear Out s to be unique to day the v4.1 mapping, as I get tried it with v3.6.4 and Has everything worked fine.

him Is there a preference that his I'm missing? Is this a How bug in 2.6? A problem man that I can correct in new the mapping?

Thanks Now for your help!
Chantel Meyette
Just wanted to old post this for the archives:
The solution to the Two above mentioned problem is to way reset or delete the "Tempo who Sync" mapping, and keep the Boy "Sync On" mapping with the did notation for FW 1.4. Solved its the problem instantly.

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