Genre:House, Tech House
    Location:Amsterdam, Netherlands
2928 official




redondo is an acclaimed DJ from Netherlands

redondo is performing within the field of House, Tech House music and is ranked 2928 on the official DJ rankings list (

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Redondo 5 hours ago:
Redondo 5 hours ago:
Maybe music’s expiration date is a lot shorter and some great music doesn’t ever surface. Big plus side of that is…
Redondo 9 hours ago:
RT @BBCR1MusicBot: Now Playing Ferreck Dawn, Redondo - Love Too Deep #ferreckdawn, @RedondoMusicNL
Redondo 1 day ago:
@BolierMusic This one is... serious danger.
Redondo 2 days ago:
@FriendWithin @GorgonCity @Claptone_ @Huxley_Music @raedjartist @ShibaSanMusic @djrogersanchez @illyandbarri @atfc…
Redondo 3 days ago:
@T_Fitzright 30 seconden de meterkast inspecteren en remsporen voor de eeuwigheid.
Redondo 3 days ago:
@itstomdempsey And tempo too. Trademark that 93 BPM next time.
Redondo 3 days ago:
If it’s true tho the Daft Punk guys better buy some helmets to go on stage with all this copyright embarrassment.
Redondo 3 days ago:
So annoying when they steal your unique clap structure of one on the 2nd and one on the 4th beat. Got that all the…
Redondo 3 days ago:
@Lowsteppa I got the fistpump under control and that’s that for dance moves.
Redondo 3 days ago:
RT @Lowsteppa: 😂
Redondo 3 days ago:
@Lowsteppa Haha does this categorize you as a meme maker tho? 👀
Redondo 3 days ago:
If u want to upload an old pic cause your out of content just hashtag it #maaanthatwasalongtimeagomonday and you’re good.
Redondo 3 days ago:
Coming up on @SpinninRecords - our edit for @UnomasOfficial and @djdavesol’s new tune 🙌🏼🙌🏼
Redondo 3 days ago:
@CamelPhat Who told u that? This guy?
Redondo 4 days ago:
Ik zal de schuld bij mezelf moeten zoeken maar waarom begint PSV om 19:00u? Ze spelen toch niet in Khabarovsk?
Redondo 5 days ago:
Pretty accurate this.
Redondo 5 days ago:
@BlakeJarrell @TheFPIA That and the like to download thingy didn't work no more
Redondo 1 week ago:
What really happened: X makes some negative remarks to Y because of an earlier disagreement between the two. What…

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