Genre:Tech House
    Location:Geneva, Switzerland
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lee van dowski is an acclaimed DJ from Switzerland

lee van dowski is performing within the field of Tech House music and is ranked 1315 on the official DJ rankings list (www.djrankings.org).

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Lee Van Dowski 1 day ago:
RT @miraclebcn: Thank you so much!! Glad you guys enjoyed @LeeVanDowski's new EP on @SeladorRecs :-) https://t.co/WArbu4QE5o
Lee Van Dowski 3 days ago:
RT @WeAreMachine1: Review: @LeeVanDowski’s Mirage 4 EP on @SeladorRecs. "It burns with an urgency and reveals a new level of aggression fo…
Lee Van Dowski 3 days ago:
RT @SeladorRecs: Premiere of @LeeVanDowski new Selador EP 'waiting for merlin' from the nice people of @WhenWeDip https://t.co/wfws0Xa2FD
Lee Van Dowski 4 days ago:
And it's out!!! #mirage4 #selador #newrelease #beatportexclusive https://t.co/luzlbwueCe https://t.co/luzlbwueCe
Lee Van Dowski 6 days ago:
Another Premiere of my forthcoming EP on Selador!!! Thanks Insomniac Events for the great review...… https://t.co/JTWJ1kuasj
Lee Van Dowski 1 week ago:
Please find here the Premiere of my new tracks "Mirage4" which will be released on Selador on the 18.01.2019!!! Tha… https://t.co/yUNc3TpEni
Lee Van Dowski 2 weeks ago:
Here's my first release of 2019 in presale... Out on the 18th of January! #selador #newrelease #mirage4 #haveacheck… https://t.co/3CeiSY8Ym9
Lee Van Dowski 4 weeks ago:
@ilovepoker 😂
Lee Van Dowski 2 months ago:
RT @6AMGroup: A year ago today we went live with our interview and Global Vibe Radio mix with @LeeVanDowski Re-listen to it here: https://…
Lee Van Dowski 2 months ago:
RT @crosstownrebels: Label favourite @LeeVanDowski takes over the Gem FM airwaves... https://t.co/pHv7t01WEx
Lee Van Dowski 2 months ago:
RT @TechnoRecomm: Genius @LeeVanDowski guest mix on the new @GemRecords GEM FM with @secret_cinema Must listen new music! #Techno #LeeVanD…
Lee Van Dowski 2 months ago:
New Podcast online!!! #secretcinema #GemFM https://t.co/qDH3rx4zMZ https://t.co/qDH3rx4zMZ
Lee Van Dowski 3 months ago:
RT @FamilyPiknik: This first episode at lachurascaia with @leevandowski was full of promises... #CasadeFlamingos #FamilyPiknik https://t.co…
Lee Van Dowski 3 months ago:
RT @DJJohnDigweed: TBT to resistance after party at womb_tokyo last month with @leevandowski new track “Nob” ripping the room apart. Out n…
Lee Van Dowski 3 months ago:
RT @DJJohnDigweed: This weeks Transitions show is now online: https://t.co/4TZnNAMI9A 2 hours recorded live at Brunch Electronik Lisboa ear…
Lee Van Dowski 3 months ago:
RT @BedrockRecords: 'Fib0.618' from Lee Van Dowski taken from his latest 'Nob EP' with us, give it a blast https://t.co/V3nK3S2NsO
Lee Van Dowski 3 months ago:
RT @FamilyPiknik: @leevandowski sera de retour parmi nous demain soir pour le lancement de nos soirées Casa De Flamingos à lachurascaia htt…
Lee Van Dowski 3 months ago:
RT @DJJohnDigweed: Great to have @leevandowski back on @bedrockrecords with a new 2 track EP out today via @MihalisSafras more details here…
Lee Van Dowski 3 months ago:
My new EP “Nob” is out today!!! #Bedrock #BeatportExclusive #haveacheck https://t.co/HWaRT55yV6 https://t.co/HWaRT55yV6
Lee Van Dowski 4 months ago:
Here's the second Premiere from my forthcoming EP "Nob" which will be released on Monday on Bedrock!!! Thanks When… https://t.co/il8wWFJh0c

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