Genre:Electro House
    Location:Vancouver, BC, Canada
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lazy rich is a well known DJ with a loyal fan base

lazy rich is performing within the field of Electro House music and is ranked 196 on the official DJ rankings list (

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Rich B 6 months ago:
RT @im_nickf: @djlazyrich i miss your music so much! got me through the rough times!
Rich B 8 months ago:
RT @DIRTYROCK: Thanks @billboard for the introduction
Rich B 10 months ago:
@Docker based on this, i'm not so sure...
Rich B 11 months ago:
RT @DanVeytia: The retirement of @djlazyrich hits me really hard. There was always room for a tune of his in one of my early sets. I still…
Rich B 12 months ago:
@VanCityDanceNrd Not getting parties anywhere :-(
Rich B 1 year ago:
@CeeTalks When have I ever said that?
Rich B 1 year ago:
@spajky_1 both!
Rich B 1 year ago:
@OggieJames Love what you wrote there man, really means a lot <3
Rich B 1 year ago:
RT @OggieJames: While it sucks that I had to write about @djlazyrich's retirement, and never got to see him spin live, it was thoroughly en…
Rich B 1 year ago:
RT @felixcartal: @djlazyrich Aw man! I appreciate everything you did for the scene Rich, and i loved the time we had sharing a studio toget…
Rich B 1 year ago:
@felixcartal Thanks my man, yeh it was a blast sharing a studio with such a celeb! I know the future has tons of g…
Rich B 1 year ago:
@departywarriors @Zedd lol, I might just take you up on that!
Rich B 1 year ago:
RT @VanCityDanceNrd: @djlazyrich ha, thanks, I really hope this happens...@Blueprintevents you got this covered right?
Rich B 1 year ago:
@VanCityDanceNrd you would be my special guest :-)
Rich B 1 year ago:
RT @Zedd: @djlazyrich One of the pioneers of electro house - both as an artist and as a label! Huge thanks for everything U’ve done for mus…
Rich B 1 year ago:
@Zedd Need to heart this message a few hundred more times, so happy to have worked with you :-)
Rich B 1 year ago:
RT @VanCityDanceNrd: @djlazyrich Somewhere in Vancouver has got to do this
Rich B 1 year ago:
@Ookay Hah I'd no idea, thanks man!!
Rich B 1 year ago:
Love ya bud ;-)
Rich B 1 year ago:
Thanks everyone for the kind messages regarding my retirement. I'm still free for bookings 29th to 31st December an…

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