Genre:Dubstep, House
    Location:Brooklyn, NY, United States
13415 official dj-rankings.com

United States



kurt jo is a DJ from United States

kurt jo is performing within the field of Dubstep, House music and is ranked 13415 on the official DJ rankings list (www.djrankings.org).

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Kurt Jo 4 hours ago:
Fresh shave cheese! 😁 20/10/2018 293/365 https://t.co/L95rrjOTKS
Kurt Jo 1 day ago:
I put this in my mouth, it was delicious. Kurtsan pizza tip, get mozzarella AND bleu cheese on your pizza, it's fuc… https://t.co/wxi0XzojcJ
Kurt Jo 2 days ago:
B&W 18/10/2018 291/365 https://t.co/iyvfcKuD1e
Kurt Jo 3 days ago:
17/10/2018 290/365 https://t.co/WhdIFLnh4X
Kurt Jo 4 days ago:
Heading home from a check-up at the Dr's, "Screaming Infidelities" on repeat. Been in a mood the past few days that… https://t.co/MWbq4JCBqm
Kurt Jo 5 days ago:
Thanks to @spthealien for the touch up on this pic and taking the time to help me with my photography questions. Re… https://t.co/8EWP6XAuZb
Kurt Jo 6 days ago:
Trying out my new ring flash adapter. I need to figure out the focusing and how to use it better. 14/10/2018 287/365 https://t.co/qGTSjamogj
Kurt Jo 1 week ago:
Got a new toy for my camera, I just need to figure out how to use it. 13/10/2018 286/365 https://t.co/ain76dcOCi
Kurt Jo 1 week ago:
Feeling bleh today, so here's a #fbf pic, back when I used to rock a chinstrap beard. 12/10/1018 285/365 @ Historic… https://t.co/LKp8C0tUpr
Kurt Jo 1 week ago:
11/10/2018 284/365 https://t.co/E2zv56MxM4
Kurt Jo 1 week ago:
These people keep me sane at work. I'm happy to have met them and call them friends. 10/10/2018 283/365 @ Myers+Cha… https://t.co/0klNkUgksk
Kurt Jo 2 weeks ago:
🌊 Vibes 🌊 09/10/2018 282/365 https://t.co/TvGbZCXhzu
Kurt Jo 2 weeks ago:
08/10/2018 281/365 @ Chelsea City Hall https://t.co/YkYcWOvhTu
Kurt Jo 2 weeks ago:
Here's another good one from yesterday. You'd never think that I was taking this picture in my basement, standing n… https://t.co/YIX5LlCJzE
Kurt Jo 2 weeks ago:
Obligatory post-haircut selfie. Decided to dig out the camera and take some pics. 07/10/2018 280/365 https://t.co/HVO5rZ2cbq
Kurt Jo 2 weeks ago:
Boston, looking all cute. 06/10/2018 279/365 https://t.co/A7fUZUirnR
Kurt Jo 2 weeks ago:
Friyay, leggo. 05/10/2018 278/365 https://t.co/C3idOG1Giv
Kurt Jo 2 weeks ago:
04/10/2018 277/365 https://t.co/P4xsPE4cQ6
Kurt Jo 2 weeks ago:
These people help keep me sane at work. @kewlcoolkewl, you were missed!!! 03/10/2018 276/365 https://t.co/zH7wbIy2lB
Kurt Jo 3 weeks ago:
Homeward bound. 02/10/2018 275/365 https://t.co/Ol8PJUbyND

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