Genre:Electro House
    Location:Cologne, Germany
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klass is an outstanding DJ who has proven a succesful brand on the international scene

klass is performing within the field of Electro House music and is ranked 263 on the official DJ rankings list (www.djrankings.org).

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Klaas 5 days ago:
Fresh Klaas Remix out now https://t.co/PuZGJs3DUB
Klaas 2 weeks ago:
KLAAS - OK WITHOUT YOU is out here! Find link in comments! https://t.co/yyiJfQWBCi
Klaas 1 month ago:
Klaas Deep Remix of NO MORE TEARS stream & download link in comments https://t.co/hMyO9q1fid
Klaas 2 months ago:
For all who don't care about haters: KLAAS - PRETENDER is out now! Find link in comments! https://t.co/vIsAaVZa0f
Klaas 3 months ago:
New Vibes! Collaboration with Tomorrowland act Diego Miranda and with MAZZA is ready to stream and download, find l… https://t.co/jYZSI8SrCj
Klaas 3 months ago:
'Infinity 2018' (incl. Klaas Remix) is #1 at Deutsche Dance Charts, Deutsche DJ Playlist & Swiss Dance Charts 🙌 Sea… https://t.co/oOLgQaATZp
Klaas 3 months ago:
Friday Köln Germany with Jonas Blue https://t.co/DRHVKcmna1
Klaas 4 months ago:
No More Tears (Klaas Remix) arrived! Pulsive Media GmbH Stefan Bentrup Lazard Daniel Merano https://t.co/qa8I30QzgI
Klaas 4 months ago:
Get Down! Planet Punk Music You Love Dance https://t.co/My3JZLNr9Q
Klaas 4 months ago:
GET DOWN is here! Link in comments https://t.co/KFljmcPKpu
Klaas 4 months ago:
Infinity 2018 Klaas Remix (Video Teaser)! Find full video in comments! https://t.co/j9jg2QniaL
Klaas 4 months ago:
Infinity 2018! Find all links in comments! Within 24 hours after release we've entered the iTunes main charts in 5… https://t.co/57ZEAiZ3no
Klaas 6 months ago:
CHRIS GOLD Remix is here https://t.co/m0xWuZkbHe
Klaas 6 months ago:
🔥 https://t.co/fj1d3boCBY
Klaas 6 months ago:
Klaas - Big Words! Out now! Planet Punk Music link in comments https://t.co/kO3gc155DB
Klaas 7 months ago:
Klaas Remix in the works! https://t.co/S7kLmkS2ke
Klaas 8 months ago:
New stuff! https://t.co/WOlzkAEPS2
Klaas 8 months ago:
FREAK project file is still running :-) Bodybangers https://t.co/rMdrLNd8aF
Klaas 8 months ago:
Congratulations to the remix contest winners! https://t.co/xhOeNdftZl
Klaas 8 months ago:
We recieved 95 remixes. Big thanks to all remixers! Unfortunately not every remix could get into the voting :-(... https://t.co/BnDxRNYWjf

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