Genre:Progressive House
    Location:Canberra, Australia
287 official dj-rankings.com




jaytech is an outstanding DJ who has proven a succesful brand on the international scene

jaytech is performing within the field of Progressive House music and is ranked 287 on the official DJ rankings list (www.djrankings.org).

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Jaytech 37 minutes ago:
@Jaxcieofficial @anjunabeats Coming in Feb :)
Jaytech 22 hours ago:
Lunch with a view. Sydney looking beautiful today! 🇦🇺 @ Mosman, New South Wales, Australia https://t.co/3gQc1z3Yla
Jaytech 1 day ago:
Great dancefloor vibes Friday night’s show! @ The Junction - Bondi https://t.co/aqa4GRLAi6
Jaytech 2 days ago:
Awesome night Sydney!! You guys are the best. Thanks for coming and dancing x @ The Junction -… https://t.co/6bfiHic58r
Jaytech 3 days ago:
Hi Sydney! See you tonight at Jam Gallery a.k.a The Junction. Can’t wait!! @ Sydney Harbour https://t.co/MtaCkkwU21
Jaytech 5 days ago:
Spent all last night playing Mortal Kombat II, Donkey Kong Country and Super Smash TV on SNES. It was awesome
Jaytech 5 days ago:
@Qantas it was a nice little tribute having The Cranberries playing on the plane after we landed yesterday. Thanks!
Jaytech 1 week ago:
What a fun night! Loved it :)
Jaytech 1 week ago:
Let’s do this Melbourne!!
Jaytech 1 week ago:
It’s super early here! Peekz and I are off to Melbourne! Catch us both spinning this evening at… https://t.co/rRtw8gRV3P
Jaytech 2 weeks ago:
Canberrans: see you tomorrow night! https://t.co/tty31Cwslm https://t.co/3LEA1YpVOx
Jaytech 2 weeks ago:
RT @anjunabeats: Jimbo and @jonogrant talk shop on @jaytechmusic's 'Studio Talk' podcast: https://t.co/PtNBe5cyl5 https://t.co/p29zW4E1el
Jaytech 2 weeks ago:
@GlobalMindMusic @paavo_s Absolutely, but has redesigned wings and the 787’s GENx engines
Jaytech 2 weeks ago:
Thanks for putting up with my inane ramblings for 9 years #MyTwitterAnniversary https://t.co/AHNIMGrYGy
Jaytech 2 weeks ago:
We really do live in an amazing time of discovery. A whole universe out there that we know nothing about. It's some… https://t.co/MeafTyeHA0
Jaytech 2 weeks ago:
@paavo_s I really want to fly on the 747-8. All the nice parts about flying on a 747, loads of new technology from… https://t.co/MsR31QpfSy
Jaytech 3 weeks ago:
@AllenCrandall Tix here :) https://t.co/mxSTXhqhvY
Jaytech 3 weeks ago:
@paavo_s Fly safe and happy new year!
Jaytech 3 weeks ago:
@marcussintome awesome!!
Jaytech 3 weeks ago:
Happy new year everyone! Pleased to announce my January run of Aussie tour dates - we are… https://t.co/WzaUkdjyxT

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